The Uncommon Box (TUB), a pannier with uncommon stuffs from our very own common surroundings. We generally say about many things around us that it’s common, but we forget that uncommon and exceptional comes from the common only. Everything in this world whether it’s the nature, people or society; is unique in its own way or has their own specialty; it’s just the matter of realizing and appreciating it. We are here with our thoughts which are picked up from the common setting. We believe in that special or uncommon which is hidden or unnoticed in our routine hectic life.

Let’s live our passions which can be associated with anything e.g. Blogger, Lifestyle, Travel, Artists (photography, sketching, drawing, painting, crafting), Writer etc.. and share them with the world and invigorate, appreciate each other.

We also welcome your thoughts and stories about the uncommon things from your life, society or anywhere which may be common for everyone but not for you. We are also looking forward for the uncommon hidden talents and skills of yours which world needs to see.

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