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Bhalobashar Shohor Tomari Naam – A Soulful Journey Of 5 Years.

Bhalobashar Shohor Tomari Naam – A Soulful Journey Of 5 Years

Studio15 – A community which has always believed in reaching a hand out to people who have etched out of the box and made their own mark.

The Uncommon Box got the chance to associate with Studio15 as Creative Blogging Partner and discovered in depth what makes them ‘Uncommon’. Evolved from just a thought, Subhadeep Chakraborty had wholeheartedly build up his dreams into reality through thick and thin. Started alone, now 34, they stand firm.

Bhalobashar Shohor Tomari Naam – A Soulful Journey Of 5 Years

“We solemnly try to cast a spotlight on them and outshine their talent.This journey wasn’t easy, it took five years to shape us from a mere photography page to a start-up which it is on this day.”

Subhadeep shared that the affection and support which was ushered from the audience end were immense and the voyage which started had many highs contoured by some lows as well.

What were the problems faced ?

“Just having the vision to start this journey wasn’t enough. There were many problems which I had to face alone.

Out of many such tasks, the biggest and the toughest was to be able to gain the trust and support of my lifelines.

Though my parents and loves ones are very supportive of my work but their support cemented with time. I had to work really hard to make them believe that this isn’t something that I am less serious about it compared with my mainstream career. The fact that I am not pursuing my passion just for fun or as a leisure of time.

Gaining their trust proved to be the footstep of my journey and for about two years I had worked alone and had everything on my shoulders.

At that time all of it seemed to be of great struggle as I juggled academics alongside my passion. There had been times when all by myself I had covers six to seven events during the day and to do all the technical work by myself.”

How the team members came and make it bigger?

“Then I came up with the idea of forming a team. I am very grateful that my team sums me up. They are totally flexible and can easily catch up with my kind of wavelength for doing a particular work.

Bhalobashar Shohor Tomari Naam – A Soulful Journey Of 5 Years

I can easily blend the ideology which I had for this organization, into my team. I have always strived to form a team which would breathe together by staying in their own skin and outshines themselves.”

Journey :

“We were the first production and broadcasting house to promote theatre among its peer, in Kolkata in 2014.

We collaborated with M.A.D for their event ‘With Love, Calcutta’ and then there was no looking back.

We have collaborated plenty a time throughout our journey and to name a few some of them are compiled in the following order. We have been associated with ‘Sahaj Parav’ (music festival held by Dohar and Lopamudra foundations), ‘Bacardi Weekender’ (in Kolkata which hosted around 56 artists including Arijit Singh, Afrojack ), Xavostav’ 17, Calcutta Art Confluence, the literary fest of IIM, Kolkata and so on.

Bhalobashar Shohor Tomari Naam – A Soulful Journey Of 5 Years

Short films were never in our thought as at that time we were just a photography page as I always had a dilemma with videography and its techniques. Then Anirban Deb came into play, he was the man who taught me to channel my creativity into videography. I debut as an assistant DOP for one of his short films and after that work came flowing.

After working as a DOP in many short films I decided to take a toll of my own, to start making a short film of my own. This is how ‘Ontordipon’ was made then ‘Phire Asish’ and finally ‘Torsha’. Till date, our venture has three short films of its own and two are scheduled for the ongoing process.

Bhalobashar Shohor Tomari Naam – A Soulful Journey Of 5 Years

By 2016 I had shaped up my vision clearer so I decided on hosting our very first event ‘Artscape’ this would focus on the art and music genre in this circuit. This event proved to be one of our biggest success so consecutively the next year we came up with ‘Triagon’ which focussed on the theatre genre and this year we decided to start a drive of supporting the local independent artist of all genre in a segmented form.

Bhalobashar Shohor Tomari Naam – A Soulful Journey Of 5 Years

So the birth of this event took place ‘Bhalobashar Shohor Tomari Naam’ this is our biggest event till date and this event has many purposes added to it. I and my team has always believed to make this city a better place, to promote genres that can be an alternative to a living and most importantly to stand by every form of art.

We are also planning to root ourselves by our mother organization ‘The Turtle Tree’ foundations which is going to official soon. Once this done then this vision of mine shapes a little better.

What is in the future ?

In future we plan to shape ourselves in a more professional way, my job has helped me to function in this manner.

Bhalobashar Shohor Tomari Naam – A Soulful Journey Of 5 Years

There are many ways in which Studio15 is germinating, like last year we started a drive ‘Save smile, Calcutta’ and this drive is still growing in the background as we do our this year’s event ‘Bhalobashar Shohor Tomari Naam’ we also have reached out to our NGO partner-‘Parichyay’ to whom we will be giving all the love which we are collecting through our crowd fundraising drive. In the end, in whatever we do we just strive to make this place a better place for every soul residing here.

Bhalobashar Shohor Tomari Naam – A Soulful Journey Of 5 Years

The city is going to witness the biggest indie extravaganza. A plethora of artists are to be witness as Studio15 is about to bring it’s 3rd annual event on their 5years completion.

‘Bhalobashar Shohor Tomari Naam.’

26th August, 5 pm onwards.
University Institute Auditorium, College Street, Calcutta.
Your presence highly obliged.

Get your passes asap.
Passes available at partner stores, being Gaan Point, MUD, WAKE UP CAFE and Sony Center (Golpark).



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