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Preview: Comic Con India 2018

Preview: Comic Con India 2018
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Comic Con India is an annual convention held mainly in New Delhi, with simultaneous festivities also being held in Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. While the organisers of Comic Con 2018 haven’t released the line up for this year’s event yet, fans can expect to see exhibitions based on the latest comics and films.

The Alto Indian Championship of Cosplay

Comic Con India 2018
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Like any other cosplay event, Comic Con India has a cosplay competition in the form of Alto Indian Championship of Cosplay (AICC). For the uninitiated, cosplay competitions are event segments where participants wear costumes similar to that of their favourite superheroes, video game characters, or any other pop culture icon.

These cosplayers stay in character and interact with fans in order to create a subculture and bigger fanbase for the icons that they are supporting.

The AICC is one of the premier cosplay competitions in India. It brings together locals from all over the country for a chance to compete and represent India on an international stage. AICC is developed and produced solely by Comic Con India.

The winners of cosplay competitions held in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad enter the AICC as finalists. The winner of the competition will then represent India at the Crown Championships at C2E2 in Chicago where the contestant will go head to head with champions from the U.S, France, Austria, China, Singapore, Indonesia, and Australia.


Preview: Comic Con India 2018


Like other cosplay competitions, the winner of AICC will be determined by the number of votes from the judges and fans. Voting is done via the event’s online poll, which will be opened at a later date.

Check out the participants of last year’s AICC competition:

Comic cons remain popular among fans all over the world due to many factors that support the geek industry. For one, the Washington Post says there’s been a resurgence in comic books’ popularity, which is being fueled by the live action movies being released by both DC and Marvel.

Another reason why comic books have become more popular and regained mainstream status is because the characters are also being featured across gaming platforms. These games build hype for the films and expose new fans to the characters. One comic that has benefited from the exposure of films and games is the cult character of Hellboy. Created in 1993, the character was relatively unknown until the two films by Guillermo de Toro were released.

Hellboy is a lot more familiar now in terms of mainstream attention, and has been adapted for the online gaming industry.

Slingo hosts a Hellboy slot game that is adapted from the comic. A rebooted Hellboy film is due out early next year and will star David Harbour (Stranger Things) as the titular character. The online game has already started to build up hype for the new film which will remain closer to the comic than the previous two entries. With many more Marvel and DC films due to be released in 2018, fans can expect Comic Con India to cover them all.

The first ever Comic Con India was held in 2011, and was hosted by Twenty Onwards Media. It hosted stalls from different Indian publishing houses including Amar Chitra Katha, Vimanika Comics, Diamond Comics, Kshiraj Telang, Manta Ray, Level 10, Campfire and many other publishers. The first Comic Con lasted for 2 days, and over 15,000 people attended the event.

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