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Reviving The Ramleela – An Incredible Musical Extravaganza Makeover Of This Age Old Tradition

A grand musical ramleela
Autumn in India is the harbinger of festivals. One of the largest pan-Indian festivals is Dusshera or Vijay Dashami, the tenth day of the Navratri festival which marks the victory of good over evil- symbolized by the victory of Lord Ram of Ayodhya over Ravan of Lanka.

For centuries, this festival has been traditionally been celebrated with two distinctive public customs- namely, the Ravan Dahan or the burning of the effigies of Ravan and his clan, and secondly, Ramleela, or the elaborate enactment of the story of Ram’s legendary victory.

The popularity of the Ramleela has sadly been experiencing a lean phase because of reasons like location or even the profile of the event.

Keeping these factors in mind, 107.2 FM Radio Nasha, is all set to bring to Gurgaon, the biggest everRamleela that promises to be an innovative musical extravaganza as well a completely new experience for Delhiites.

The Ramleela in Delhi Is Set For A Complete Makeover This September! Are You?
Musical Ramleela by Radio Nasha


This endeavor, the first of its kind is centered on creating the perfect Entertainment, Engagement & Experience for people of all age groups attending this ‘World of Ramleela’ on Ambience Island on 29th and 30th September from 3 pm onwards.

The Uncommon Box is delighted to be associated with this innovative venture as the Social Media Partners for this event.


Details about the event

The Rameela will be performed in a musical format by world-class artists in a 90-minute show.

But the two-day festival has a lot more to offer apart from the Ramleela performance.

The festival is divided into three zones – each meant to cater to the audiences in the most engaging and entertaining form as possible.


Zone 1 – Ayodhya

As soon as the guests enter the event area, they will set foot in Ayodhya – the city of royalty where celebrations are on in full swing. Along with the giant wheel and flea markets, this zone a will also have a food court for guests to savour the mood of Dusshera.


Zone 2 – Vanvas

The Vanvas area has been transformed into the experience zone where we have engagement for kids and adults. From innovative photo booths to character lookalikes, from the Lantern garden to white henna stalls, at Vanvas people will indulge in making memories for a lifetime. This zone is very interestingly connected to the next zone by means of a Ram Setu or bridge.


Zone 3 – Lanka

Lanka, is guarded by thematically dressed bouncers supervising the box office. There is no entry fee for the 90 minute performance that will take place in this zone, however, at the box office there will be boxes for different CSR causes.

To enter Lanka, one must donate some amount (as less as Re. 1) towards the cause they want to associate with. This amount will then be given to respective charities

The event will bring alive the story of Sri Ram in all its grandeur and provide the audiences an experience of their lifetime.


Talking about Radio Nasha’s innovation, Harshad Jain, CEO – Radio and Entertainment, HT Media Ltd. said, “Radio Nasha is proud to present – Ramleela that will bring alive the story of Sri Ram in all its grandeur and give our audiences an experience of their lifetime. We have left no stone unturned to provide entertainment, engagement and experience at the event and are sure this innovation will ensure that Radio Nasha listeners come to attend in large numbers and enjoy ‘Ramleela’, our long cherished tradition.’

An age old Indian tradition is set to receive one of its major makeovers by Radio Nasha, and it does seem to blend in various elements to provide a complete experience to every member of the audience.


The Uncommon Box wishes its partner Radio Nasha all success in this initiative and hopes this will be the beginning of a most creative way of combining tradition with modernity.

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