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7 Eccentric Authors From Instagram And Their Journey

7 Eccentric Authors From Instagram And Their Journey
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This World is a composition of thoughts and their interpretations. And not many are able to write these down just the way they perceive them. But here at Uncommon Box we have found out a few eccentric writers who do understand how important it is to express their game with the words and thoughts in a written form.

Here are the 7 writers with their incredible work as found on instagram.

#1 Shivam @shivamnow

7 Eccentric Authors From Instagram And Their Journey

The first writer for us here is Shivam. He hails from Patna, Bihar, India.

Shivam is an Assistant Professor and the Author of 2 books: “How to unleash your true potential” and “Finding the Magic in You”.

He intends to help people think and be their own mentor. He believes that all the troubles can be sorted if people knew about their mind better.

Yeah we do agree with Shivam; people need to realize that the solution to their problems lies inside them.

When asked about how he came up with this version of himself, he says :

For me, Arts was something that came as a product of my love for science. I am an Aerospace Engineer and engineering is all about “why” and “how”. During the course of engineering, I started using these questions to find the answers to a lot of questions in life. That got me started and I finally realized that it’s the thinking that’s missing from people’s lives. My quest for writing started with this thought, to be able to help people think and be able to solve their own issues. I started counseling a lot of people on social media and in person and that helped me work better on my books as well since I gathered the real life problems that people face. And this is I wish to keep doing, helping people grow and helping people think.

Well he has an incredible feed and he writes beautifully.

You can follow him on his instagram handle @shivamnow


#2 Shilpa Goel @meetlife240

7 Eccentric Authors From Instagram And Their Journey

Our next writer is Shilpa Goel and she is a Student. Shilpa hails from Narela, Delhi, India.

She intends to make a space for the introverts in a world where mostly extroverts are recognised.

Aah, that is a big thing for sure.

As she says : We, the introverts, often fail to express ourselves verbally or just remain unheard when we dare to speak and thus, writing comes to our rescue. My writings are an outlet for my feelings, emotions and experiences that I hold dearly in the deep corners of my heart. I write what I cannot speak out loud and my purpose is to reach out to the people who would relate with my words.

We couldn’t agree more. ‘Cause writing helps, where speech fails.

She believes in keeping things simple.

She says : Simplicity helps me reach out to the people who are not very fond of poetry because of the choice of words that they have to keep referring dictionary for. I do not complicate my thoughts just to make them look more poetic. They are often straightforward and also serve my purpose when people find them relatable.
And this girl, I believe, has a long way to go.

You can find a unique feed and her heart-touching verses at her Instagram handle : @meetlife240


#3 Nichomachus @_theweirdpoet

7 Eccentric Authors From Instagram And Their Journey

Our next writer is Nichomachus who is a Blogger-cum-Law student by profession. And this itself is so interesting 😊.

Nichomachus hails from Legazpi city, Albay, Philippines.

He has been sharing his writings online since 2016 through wordpress and on instagram since 2017.

According to him, the reason behind his work is to create a heaven of his thoughts as he finds poetry to be the only means of getting away from depression and pain.
Well, I agree too. Writing down your pains reduces it to a greater extend.
In his complicated life, his writings on love, loss, life, and self-worth are the reminders to himself.

He says : Writing, for me, is my only way of expressing the thoughts I am afraid to speak out. And in one way or another, it helps me survive.

When asked about his uniqueness, he said : I think the only thing that makes me and my words unique is honesty. I have never tried hiding or masking my feelings for a particular person or thing, or situation. When I feel bad about something, I write about it. I write about how it makes me feel, and how it affects my being. I don’t hold back: dates, places, color of shirt, things, etc. That’s what I’ve been telling people. Honesty is all that matters.

He is a fighter and you can get inspired too by following him on his instagram handle @_theweirdpoet


#4  Abhinav Sharma @h.e.a.r.t_t.a.l.k.s

7 Eccentric Authors From Instagram And Their Journey

Our next writer is Abhinav Sharma who is a Student and hails from Dinanagar, Punjab, India.

He writes because he loves to write. Yeah, he is that simple and crisp about his intentions.

On asking about how he differentiates himself from the rest, he says : I am a childish teenager with a streak of maturity and a lot of experience.

Well I would let his work speak for himself.

Do have a look at his Amazing work on his instagram handle @h.e.a.r.t_t.a.l.k.s


#5 Ruchita Bahl @silly.aarbe

7 Eccentric Authors From Instagram And Their Journey

Our next writer is Ruchita Bahl and she is an Author.

She is very clear about what she is doing and she intends to simply spread the raw feeling of happiness.

No sugar coats!

On asking about her uniqueness, she said : Well I don’t think I am unique but through my words – I try to express the deepest thoughts for a few people who can’t say articulate them.

She has a wonderful feed, perfectly arranged and right words put together, and you can follow her on her instagram handle: @silly.aarbe

She prefers to remain anonymous.


#6 S. K. Williams @skwilliamspoetry

7 Eccentric Authors From Instagram And Their Journey

Our next writer is S.K. Williams. He is a Poet by profession and hails from Bellingham, Washington, U.S.A.

All he intends is to spread understanding, positivity and love to as many people as he can.

On asking about his inspiration,he said: I am inspired by the beauty of the cosmos and the fragility and vulnerability of people and our world. I try to reflect that in my aesthetic and literary content.

You can follow is incredible work through his instagram handle @skwilliamspoetry. He prefers to remain anonymous too.


#7 Sara K. @aheartfulofwords 

7 Eccentric Authors From Instagram And Their Journey

Our next writer is Sara K. She is a Dentist and a Writer by profession. This is special too.

Sara hails from Mumbai, Maharashtra , India and currently resides in Dubai,UAE.
On asking about her intentions behind her work, she said : To help people who need to hear my words, to help people heal, to make them feel that they are not alone in this world. To make a difference for those who may have lost the ability to find the strength within.

She plans to write a book in the near future and also to start a blog which focuses on self-healing, growth, accepting change, mental health issues and many other topics.
She also has plans to start her own little organisation/online center where she can help people who suffer from various issues related to self-doubt, healing, relationships, motivation etc

The way she presents her ideas, are really motivating.

I am pretty raw and real. I think that is what my readers love the most. I know sometimes I pen down something and feel that it might be too heavy, but I also know that it’s a reality which a lot of people will relate to.

I try to focus on writing what I feel rather than being influenced by anything else. I personally found her work really fascinating.

You can follow her on her instagram handle @aheartfulofwords


The best thing about all these writers was that, they were confident enough of what they wrote, how they curated their thoughts into words and made it flow down like a stream of clear water ,such that it looked so beautiful.

There are millions of such writers that we come across, and we TheUncommonBox team keep looking for the unique ones and keep encouraging them so that they continue living their passion as their life; ‘Cause writing needs courage, and penning down your soul deserves appreciation.


Content Written & Developed by Iti Ipsita to read more about her writings.

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