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7 Poetic Colors From the Writers of Instagram – The Uncommon VIBGYOR

7 Poetic Colors From the Writers of Instagram - The Uncommon VIBGYOR
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”Because writing is all about the life of a bard engraved into papyrus”

There’s a shed load of writers who decorate their expressions with fancy vocabularies, similes, metaphors but this time, we at THEUNCOMMONBOX wanted to pull out the writers who are crude and ripple our minds with emotions out of the space. Because they aren’t mere writers but therapists.

The subtle art of writing isn’t a common deed but an UNCOMMON toil and we have caught them in the act.

So here we go with a group of writers who would definitely, like obviously touch your hearts.

#1 Fake_Resistance – FR

7 Poetic Colors From the Writers of Instagram - The Uncommon VIBGYOR

The first on board is a writer who was a good orator in his early life but started leaning towards written words for they seemed more ambiguous and in a way more open to one’s perception.

Fr says that the name of his instagram handle fake_resistance brings out the words in him that seem to imply resistance to his emotions but it’s not a conscious resistance.

He wants his emotions to escape along with the words he writes here, hence FAKE RESISTANCE.

Also, it is a distorted anagram for Fracomina which is a cryptic for two letters that are the initials of a name.

The beauty behind his write-ups is simplicity and darkness and also the typewriter trails which are truly eye and heart pleasing.

All we can say about him is that, he paints every canvas in Grey which magically speaks Red.

Truly an inspiration to his fellow writers and people who live life, breath by breath.


#2 Debjyoti Ghosh – @thoughts.inked

7 Poetic Colors From the Writers of Instagram - The Uncommon VIBGYOR

Just like the sweetness of the bongs, his write ups are no less than sugarballs (Roshogollas).

A bunch of crisp and crude thoughts inked ‘thoughts.inked’.

So let’s meet Debjyoti Ghosh, a full time engineer, and a lifetime wanderlust writer.

Deb says that he finds inspiration in nature, human psychology, life and its vagaries and writers like, Clinton poems and Atticus.

He has always been an observer of life and nature and he perfectly expresses the same through his write-ups.

His writing journey started a year back and we at THEUNCOMMONBOX wanted the audience to come across an inspirational, optimistic and wonderful writer and equally wonderful person like him.


#3 Oindrila Singh – @theblanksheetofpaper

7 Poetic Colors From the Writers of Instagram - The Uncommon VIBGYOR

Taking inspiration from her very own life, the colors of it help her paint a few words of poetry. Her writing journey started last year but she was unsure of the feedback yet she continued spilling her reckless emotions along with beautiful photographs that added to its beauty and here I would like to add, that she is a wonderful photographer too.

We can now address her as a bundle of art.

She is pretty adamant with her work and looks forward to continue her journey as a writer and also gives credit to all her friends who have always helped her get going.

Her write-ups have always been confident and full of inspiration and luster and one would definitely feel energized after reading her thought provoking English as well as hindi pieces.

#4 Supriya – @spearheadpoetry

7 Poetic Colors From the Writers of Instagram - The Uncommon VIBGYOR

And now it’s time for all of us to meet one of the most spectacular, blunt and bold writers. She is the spearheadpoet and her words justify the name of her instagram handle because it hits and pricks the soul.

When asked, she said that she took inspiration from Indian poets, namely Mahakavi Bharathi who was a poet-freedom fighter whose words were not just poetry but revolution.

Also she extracts her muse from life experiences in the past, present and what she expects to experience in near future & sometimes experience along surreal planes. Her favourite writers also include PN Shelly, William Wordsworth, John Keats, Nikita Gill, Christopher Poindexter, Madalina Coman, Rumi and many many more because naming a few and leaving the rest would be unjust on her part, like she said.

She began writing since her 10th grade and started with short, informal ones that rhymed here and there. She took a break on writing and returned with poems with a whole new dimension themed on Romance, survival, social issues, lone musings, womanhood, and erotica in free verse long form and short poems, prose and poetic prose and also a few haikus and elfchens.

#5 Alisha Srivastava – @yeah_me_alisha

7 Poetic Colors From the Writers of Instagram - The Uncommon VIBGYOR

“Listening to the silence that is not so quiet”

This is what inspired her to write.

Or wait, she would like to use the word “stimulation” rather than “inspiration” because she loves voicing her words when it comes to expressing her thoughts and feelings.

Her journey, till now has been bizarre and beautiful with lessons and she believes that there is yet more to learn and there is a long way to go.

Her favourites include Pablo Neruda, John Keats, Adrienne Rich and more. Her genre of writing is dark poetries as a dramatic monologue (free verse) with hints of elements of nature.


#6 Raunak Raj – @whiskeyovercoffee

7 Poetic Colors From the Writers of Instagram - The Uncommon VIBGYOR

Okay, so he grabbed his muse from each and every women in his life who contributed to make it much more better. And we can clearly see this in his creations for his writings are mostly about women and
also love and tragedies. He discovered a poet in him when he was in school but took writing seriously when he entered his second year of college.

His instagram handle portrays creativity at its best. He is way too crude and perfect in his own way. His favourite writers include Shiza Hayat and Oindrila Chatterjee.

Always a food for thought and indeed inspirational write ups flock his collections and we at theuncommonox feel proud to introduce such a bard to the world of readers.


#7 Aditya Raj – @_a_story_teller

7 Poetic Colors From the Writers of Instagram - The Uncommon VIBGYOR

Let’s meet a writer, lyricist, guitarist, vocalist, engineer. WOAH.

A pretty superlative introduction for an indeed superlative writer who is surely an inspiration to many. His pieces are just too natural and precise yet raw which when we read, we definitely jump at every punctuation and is surely electrifying while we reach to the end of it.

So this is Aditya, who basically follows the genre of Dark Romance.

” We all know he writes good, but he’s so clumsy with his work”, that’s exactly what she said, the class teacher in his 10 th grade and this was pretty enough to give him a certain kick to go on this path as a writer. Also, a couple of heartbreaks helped with content.

He says that his favourite writer would be Dan brown for he’s not just a writer but an epitome of storytelling.


These writers are an escape from the real world for they have the celestial ability to pull each one of us into their aura of imaginations.

The writers mentioned in the article are truly blessed with magic that could drive any mind crazy.

We all can find answers to our deepest questions in their write-ups for sure.

Scrolling through their feeds gives tranquility which is much needed in a world we live in.

So here we have the 7 amazing writers of instagram, THE UNCOMMON VIBGYOR, each equally vibrant and versatile like the colors in the rainbow. Each one of them are equally special to THEUNCOMMONBOX.

We welcome you to our community and we are glad to come across artists like you and are truly proud to let our readers meet you through your beautiful and inspiring wordmesh. Theuncommonbox has always tried to provide a platform for artists because even a slightest of induction can give birth to a bigger and much extravagant picture. To bear with the stubborn passion and walking with it to a destination unknown is indeed a tough task and we, at Theuncommonbox try to become a part of their beautiful journey with nothing but a few words of appreciation because we understand that it would fuel their dreams.

We wish you all the very best and hope to see you get better each day.

Happy Reading!

Content Written & Developed by Ritika Ragini. to read more about her writings.

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