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Safarnama-The Journey of a Writer

Safarnama-The Journey of a Writer.
Madhusudan Singh

During our adult lives, our waking hours are spent in the roles and responsibilities we are allotted. But beyond these, is the identity we relate to at a more personal level- whether it be of a writer, a painter or a chef.

The Uncommon Box is glad to introduce you to our Uncommon Writer Madhusudan Singh, who goes by the pen name Csavargó.

Working with the United Nations Development Programme as Disaster Management Project Associate in a Project called CBDRM (Community Based Disaster Risk Management) in Himachal Pradesh, Madhusudan finds his solace and catharsis through writing.

We at Team TUB are delighted to share the journey of this writer and his work on this forum. That language is never a barrier for understanding feelings, is amply displayed by the impact his poetry will have on you, once you start reading. His poems are in Hindi, and speak with a simplicity that reflect the mind that gave birth to them.

Madhusudan took time off from his schedule and shared his thoughts with us.

Madhusudan comes from a little town named Awagarh in Etah district in Uttar Pradesh. He did his schooling in Kagarol in Agra district where his father serves as a teacher.

Safarnama-The Journey of a Writer.
Credit : Madhusudan Singh


He is aDisaster Manager by profession. The road to this destination holds an interesting story. Bowing to social pressure, Madhusudan had graduated as an electrical engineer but after a couple of years into the job he realized that he could not limit his life to transformers and motors. So he left his job and joined the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, and completed his Masters in Disaster Management.

His first job was on deputation to Nepal for relief and rehabilitation after the devastating earthquake. But at heart, this lover of photography and writing kept turning to his passion that nurtured his soul over the years.

Safarnama-The Journey of a Writer.
Credit : Madhusudan Singh


So from where does he find his constant source of inspiration? In his words,

I relate very much with daily life things. I also feel sense of connection with inanimate things, so most of the times lifeless things gives me inspiration to write. I love to photography too, so photography also gives me new targets to write poetry about photos which I clicks.
Safarnama-The Journey of a Writer.
Credit : Madhusudan Singh


Solitude is Madhusudan’s solace: He confesses that he needs complete solitude to pen his thoughts down. In fact, most of his poems were created in the middle of the night.

A common comment Madhusudan has had to deal with is that his poetry speaks more of sadness than happiness. But for him, poetry is an intimate expression of his personal feelings, and a medium of catharsis too. So he does not believe in ‘playing to the gallery’.

Safarnama-The Journey of a Writer.
Credit : Madhusudan Singh


What makes it worthwhile for him? Well, the expression of pent up emotions along with the appreciation of the people around him, makes this journey as an artist worthwhile.

When questioned about his dreams for himself, Madhusudan philosophically observed that he believed in living in the present. So he does not have such dreams or goals to achieve in life. He says, ‘I am enjoying my work as disaster manager which gives me satisfaction. So I just want to do better in that field to make people resilient towards disasters and to make a safer world.

“Poetry gives me happiness, so I will keep writing and try to connect more people spreading love through that.’”

Addressing budding writers, Madhusudan says,

Just write down whatever you feel like to write. Everyone got his/her unique style to write. So don’t judge your writing skills on the feedback someone else gives. There is nothing like bad writing,so just keep writing. People will tell you, try this or write in that way or this way, keep remember at that very moment you will lose your originality of writing. Just go on yourself, time will improve your skills. People will be always there to put you down and criticize, so do not to listen anyone- just keep going.

Safarnama-The Journey of a Writer.
Credit : Madhusudan Singh


There are different kinds of artists in the world and each one of them comes uniquely blessed with the gifts of creativity and talent. Madhusudan touches lives in different ways- by being the helpful hand in times of need and emergency and by expressing his most intimate feelings on paper.

We commend his talent and wish him all success for his endeavours.


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