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AVENGERS INFINITY WAR REVIEW – Real Marvel Uncommon Fan Love Story

AVENGERS INFINITY WAR - *REVIEW* Real Uncommon Fan Love Story
Marvel Entertainment

*Tan! tantantanan tanana nan*

Yasss!!! The wait is finally over!! The MOST AWAITED MOVIE is finally out!!!

And we have watched it and we are going to give our review about it!! Yay!!

AVENGERS INFINITY WAR - *REVIEW* Real Uncommon Fan Love Story

But before we start we want you to check out this Mind-boggling Poster of Avengers – Infinity War in very detailed manner –

AVENGERS INFINITY WAR - *REVIEW* Real Uncommon Fan Love Story
Marvel Entertainment

*How AWESOME does it look* NOW IMAGINE HOW AWESOME THE MOVIE WOULD BE!!! Yes!! Yes! TRULY THAT AWESOME!! #avengersfan #always #forever

Avengers – Infinity War is the 3rd Avengers Sequel and 19th Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie!!

Marking A decade of MARVEL Studios, in production of making of series of super heroes movie, Avengers – Infinity War is AN EPIC MOVIE in itself, teaming up with Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther, Ant-Man, Doctor Strange and Spider-Man to save the world against Thanos.

AVENGERS INFINITY WAR - *REVIEW* Real Uncommon Fan Love Story

After a long long so very long wait and super-duper excitingly excited eagerness to Watch the power packed, epic of epic’s movie trailer, we just-couldn’t-wait anymore for its release worldwide, to watch in the big screen and *Must* in 3D. (if you are an ardent traditional REAL super fan – you would know 3D is Must and should by *default*)

Here watch the trailer again –

Woahhh!! Wooahh!! Woahh! Right?

Whom do we see and where do we turn our heads, how do we glue our eyes to one character?

It’s like an Adrenaline rush parteeey!!!

And not to mention so much history to it!

That if Avengers Fan and Avengers movie were to be in relationship they never could or never would be a dull day if they start talking about their history, since the day they met!
Do you even remember, where it all began?


OUR First Date Ever Marvel movie release of Iron Man (2008) –

Where we were introduced to Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr), the handsome, billionaire, genius, philanthropist, how he builds Armor and in the end titles we were introduced to the bit of the hint on the first EVER “Avengers”

AVENGERS INFINITY WAR - *REVIEW* Real Uncommon Fan Love Story
Marvel Entertainment

(Here is where our story began, the first sight! The first mov(i)e of our first love of a promise to be bonded till eternity) *Happy tears*


Then in the same year – It was The Incredible Hulk (2008) – Second date

AVENGERS INFINITY WAR - *REVIEW* Real Uncommon Fan Love Story

MARVEL Entertainmentshowing how After being exposed to gamma radiation that causes scientist Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) transforms in to OUR BIG Green GUY  and isolates himself from his love, Betty Ross. Hunted by the military, Banner seeks to cure himself and prevent his condition from being weaponized. While in the end Tony Stark appears. 😉 In addition, Captain America is briefly seen frozen in ice in an alternate opening of the film.

(For love is in not only doing but also remembering the little things) <3


Which comes to our Third date Iron Man 2 (2010)

AVENGERS INFINITY WAR - *REVIEW* Real Uncommon Fan Love Story
Marvel Entertainment

After Tony Stark reveals himself to be Iron Man, the U.S. government demands he hand over his technology. Meanwhile, a rival industrialist and a Russian scientist conspire to use his own technology against him.

A scene toward the end of Iron Man 2 in a S.H.I.E.L.D. safe house contains several Easter eggs, ranging from footage from The Incredible Hulk displayed on a monitor to pointers on a map indicating several locales related to other Marvel films, including one pointing toward a region of Africa in reference to the Black Panther.

A young Peter Parker appears as the child wearing an Iron Man mask who Stark saves from a drone; The film’s post-credits scene showed the discovery of Thor’s hammer in a crater.

(The phase of our long distance got exciting here)


Which leads us to the Forth date with MCU – Thor (2011)

AVENGERS INFINITY WAR - *REVIEW* Real Uncommon Fan Love Story
Marvel Entertainment

Thor, (Chris Hemsworth ) crown prince of Asgard, is banished to Earth and stripped of his powers after he reignites a dormant war. As his brother, Loki, (Tom Hiddleston ) plots to take the throne for himself, Thor must prove himself worthy and reclaim his hammer Mjölnir

The film ends with a post-credits scene featuring Loki, watching as Erik Selvig and Nick Fury discuss the Tesseract
(BTW this is a love story going on if you realised of a Loyal Avenger Fan and Avenger set of movies)


After glimpse in 2nd movie then came the full-fledged – Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) as our Fifth date Movie –

AVENGERS INFINITY WAR - *REVIEW* Real Uncommon Fan Love Story
Marvel Entertainment

In 1942, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) is deemed physically unfit to enlist in the U.S. Army and fight the Nazis in World War II. Recruited for a secret military operation, he is physically transformed into a super-soldier dubbed Captain America and must battle the Red Skull, head of a Nazi science division known as Hydra

The Tesseract (The Space Stone) from the Thor post-credits scene appears as a MacGuffin in Captain America: The First Avenger. In the film, Dominic Cooper portrays a young Howard Stark, the father of Tony Stark, who hosts an early version of the Stark Expo, the fair Tony hosts in Iron Man 2.

The final scene of the film includes a brief appearance by Jackson’s Nick Fury followed by a teaser trailer for Marvel’s The Avengers after the credits.(Yayyyyy)

(If you are wondering what kind of love is this? Discussing movies and year of the movie released… well it’s a very loving geeky love story)


And… Here comes the FIRST EVER -AVENGER movie – THE AVENGERS (2012) (Super Sixth date)

AVENGERS INFINITY WAR - *REVIEW* Real Uncommon Fan Love Story
Marvel Entertainment

Nick Fury, the director of S.H.I.E.L.D., gathers the superheroes Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, the Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye to fight Thor’s brother Loki, who plots to subjugate the Earth *remember the scene Puny god- where HULK (Mark Buffalo) Smashes Loki on the floor left and right and left and right*

(ROFL still seems like a fresh memory) and oh ohh do you remember The super villain Thanos (Damion Pitier) appears in a mid-credits scene (*wide open *Excited* eyes* like a mad, because its not love if its not madness) 😛


So, our Seventh date was – Iron Man 3 (2013)

AVENGERS INFINITY WAR - *REVIEW* Real Uncommon Fan Love Story
Marvel Entertainment

Tony Stark faces a powerful enemy, the Mandarin, who attacks and destroys his mansion. Left to his own devices and battling post traumatic stress disorder, Stark struggles to get to the bottom of a series of mysterious explosions. A present-day post-credits scene reveals that Stark has been telling this story to Bruce Banner, who fell asleep. (HULK)


Thor: The Dark World (2013)– this was our Eighth-movie date and we were so truly, deeply madly in love already

AVENGERS INFINITY WAR - *REVIEW* Real Uncommon Fan Love Story
Marvel Entertainment

Thor reunites with astrophysicist Jane Foster as a series of portals, linking worlds at random, begin to appear. He discovers that Malekith and his army of Dark Elves have returned after thousands of years, and they seek a powerful weapon known as the Aether. Thor must join forces with his now-imprisoned brother Loki to stop them.

Sif and Volstagg bring the Aether (The Reality Stone) to the intergalactic museum of The Collector, stating that it’s unwise to keep two Infinity Stones in one place. The Collector utters the phrase “One down, five to go”, speaking of the Infinity Stones.

In a post-credits scene, Jane and Thor reunite on Earth, while somewhere in London, a frost monster from Jotunheim—accidentally transported to Earth during the final battle—continues to run amok.
(Our infinity day of love *lovey eyes*)


And that’s how we were engaged but our love journey is different and special and of SIX ring ceremonies

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) – Official Ninth date

AVENGERS INFINITY WAR - *REVIEW* Real Uncommon Fan Love Story
Marvel Entertainment

Steve Rogers, now working with S.H.I.E.L.D., teams up with Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow and Sam Wilson / Falcon to expose a deep conspiracy which involves a mysterious assassin known only as the Winter Soldier.

The Chitauri Scepter (The Mind Stone) is seen in the mid-credits sequence inside a HYDRA base headed by Wolfgang Von Strucker. They were doing a number of experiments with it, including experimentation on Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, which led to them having powers.

In a post-credits scene, the Winter Soldier visits a Bucky memorial at the Smithsonian Institution.


This was our “Out in the space date” – the Tenth one – Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

AVENGERS INFINITY WAR - *REVIEW* Real Uncommon Fan Love Story
Marvel Entertainment

Peter Quill / Star-Lord and a group of misfits, including Gamora, Rocket, Drax the Destroyer and Groot, fight to keep a powerful orb from the clutches of the villainous Ronan
We have “The Orb” here – The Power stone.

The Guardians leave in the rebuilt Milano along with a sapling cut from Groot.

In a post-credits scene, Tivan sits in his destroyed archive with two of his living exhibits: a canine cosmonaut and an anthropomorphic duck

(While we got a lot much emotional when “I AM GROOT” left us, we were equally excited and happy to the little tiny cutie Groot growing up!)


Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) – This is where we finally got a “Vision” about our love story ❤ After all it was our Eleventh date

AVENGERS INFINITY WAR - *REVIEW* Real Uncommon Fan Love Story
Marvel Entertainment

Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, the Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye must work together as the Avengers to defeat Ultron, a technological enemy bent on human extinction, while encountering the powerful twins Pietro and Wanda Maximoff, as well as the new entity Vision.

In a mid-credits scene, Thanos, dissatisfied by the failures of his pawns, dons a gauntlet2 and vows to retrieve the Infinity Stones himself.

It also features references to Vibranium and Wakanda, both connections to Black Panther, introducing both to the universe ahead of Black Panther’s solo film

Well here’s our favourite love moment – When Vision (With the Mind Stone) says – Maybe I am a monster … I don’t think I would know if I were one. I’m not what you are, and not what you intended. So, there may be no way to make you trust me. [casually hands Thor his hammer Mjölnir ] But we need to go. (And we were like woooahhh*whistles*)


And then it was the time when we shared about the “little things” because “littles things matter a lot when you are in a relationship” you know,

and also it was Twelfth date Ant-Man (2015)

AVENGERS INFINITY WAR - *REVIEW* Real Uncommon Fan Love Story
Marvel Entertainment

Thief Scott Lang must aid his mentor Dr. Hank Pym in safeguarding the mystery of the Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) technology, which allows its user to decrease in size but increase in strength, from various menaces and plot a heist to defend the Earth.

A soldier the size of an insect. The ultimate secret weapon. An “Ant-Man”.

Scott Lang attempts to infiltrate the new Avengers headquarters in Upstate New York featured in Age of Ultron, and confronts Sam Wilson / Falcon, played by Anthony Mackie.  the post-credit scene, which was footage from Captain America: Civil War


Well the Thirteenth date came like a curse as the number thirteen because this is where “WE” had our fight and got a little distant, the love was still the same tho! – Captain America: Civil War (2016)

AVENGERS INFINITY WAR - *REVIEW* Real Uncommon Fan Love Story
Marvel Entertainment

The Avengers become fractured into two opposing teams, ((Yes, you are right! This is where the Marvel fans lovers “WE” also got fractured in to Team Iron Man and Team Cap.) Sad I know right!) one led by Captain America and another by Iron Man, after extensive collateral damage prompts politicians to pass an act regulating superhuman activity with government oversight and accountability for the Avengers while also facing against a new enemy, Helmut Zemo, who seeks revenge upon the Avengers.

Captain America: Civil War introduces Tom Holland as Peter Parker / Spider-Man and Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa / Black Panther to the MCU.

For the mid-credits scene, in which Black Panther offers Captain America and Bucky Barnes asylum in Wakanda, introducing the look of the Wakanda for first time. (Anndd it was a complete emotional toll but we still had high hopes)


After such emotional heart-break and to cope up the pain, we obviously needed a Doctor –

So, our Fourteenth date was with one such strange doctor whose name was – Doctor Strange (2016)

AVENGERS INFINITY WAR - *REVIEW* Real Uncommon Fan Love Story
Marvel Entertainment

After Stephen Strange, the world’s top neurosurgeon, is involved in a car accident that ruins his career, he sets out on a journey of healing, where he encounters the Ancient One, who teaches Strange the use of Mystic Arts and to defend the Earth from mystical threats.

Doctor Strange introduces the Eye of Agamotto, a mystical relic that can manipulate time and is revealed to be an Infinity Stone at the end of the film, specifically the Time Stone. The film’s mid-credits scene features a cameo appearance by Hemsworth as Thor, meeting with Strange, which was footage from Thor: Ragnarok. (How we wish, we knew the magic to refill our beer mugs just like Dr. Strange.)

It was complete mesmerizing and magical date, EVER‼ and we never wanted it to end, we would have gone too, to Dormammu saying – “Dormammu, I’ve come to bargain!”


After such magical moments we were on the space and our love was growing too like a sapling with our Fifteenth dateGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)

AVENGERS INFINITY WAR - *REVIEW* Real Uncommon Fan Love Story
Marvel Entertainment

The Guardians of the Galaxy travel throughout the cosmos and struggle to keep their newfound family together while helping Peter Quill learn more about his true parentage and facing against new enemies.

One of the film’s post-credit sequences hints at the introduction of Adam Warlock, after Gunn originally intended for Warlock to make a full appearance in Vol. 2.

The Grandmaster, played by Jeff Goldblum, is seen dancing in the end credits, before his appearance in Thor: Ragnarok.


Now we went back to the memory lane where we first started and we remembered a kiddo with a Iron man Mask who was saved by THE Iron Man,

because now we actually saw him all grown up as a high School kid in our Sweet Sixteenth date – (We thought to ourselves we have come so far and were actually quite proud of ourselves) – Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) 

AVENGERS INFINITY WAR - *REVIEW* Real Uncommon Fan Love Story
Marvel Entertainment

Peter Parker tries to balance being the hero Spider-Man with his high school life under guidance of Tony Stark as he deals with the threat of the Vulture.

In a mid-credits scene, an incarcerated Gargan approaches Toomes in prison. Gargan has heard that Toomes knows Spider-Man’s real identity, which Toomes denies. Oh! BTW there was also a byte featuring Captain America telling us how important and valuable “Patience” is.


So, we patiently had our Seventeenth DateThor: Ragnarok (2017)

AVENGERS INFINITY WAR - *REVIEW* Real Uncommon Fan Love Story
Marvel Entertainment

Thor, trapped on another world without Mjölnir, must survive a gladiatorial duel against the Hulk and return to Asgard in time to stop the villainous Hela and the impending Ragnarök.

Thor and the others escape with Asgard’s remaining citizens aboard the Grandmaster’s Statesman. Thor, crowned king, decides to take his people to Earth. In a mid-credits scene, they are intercepted by a larger spacecraft which is proved to be Thanos’s ship in Avengers Infinity War. In a post-credits scene, the Grandmaster encounters a group of his former subjects, who are still rebelling.


Then with a light filled humour and also discovering that the Infinity Gauntlet first seen in Odin’s vault in Thor was a fake,

we went ahead for a casual Eighteenth Date – Black Panther (2018) (Which turned out to be super amazing date)

AVENGERS INFINITY WAR - *REVIEW* Real Uncommon Fan Love Story
Marvel Entertainment

T’Challa returns home as sovereign of the nation of Wakanda only to find his dual role of king and protector challenged by a long-time adversary in a conflict that has global consequences.

In a mid-credits scene, T’Challa appears before the United Nations to reveal Wakanda’s true nature to the world. In a post-credits scene, Shuri helps Bucky Barnes with his recuperation.


This dateNineteenth one – was a super special – as WE celebrated our decade of being together with each other, with all the kinds of experience and sweet-bitter yet AWESOME – Marvellous journey to the third series of Avengers – Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

AVENGERS INFINITY WAR - *REVIEW* Real Uncommon Fan Love Story
Marvel Entertainment

The Avengers join forces with the Guardians of the Galaxy to battle Thanos, who is trying to amass the Infinity Stones. (Remember we have information and gift of Five infinity stones, while we do not know about the sixth one – The Soul Stone).

While we would love to reveal it to you but you know what –we also love secret, mystery and we want you to find it out yourself!

And, and, and, if you already know about it #ThanosDemandsYourSilence


Be it day one or 10 days of the Avengers releasse! Few of us aren’t so lucky to get a chance watching it yet!

Sooo, please keep this chapter of our love story a secret for few more days…

#Respect and DO NOT spread spoilers if you have already seen it, because it’s not just any movie – It’s a Grand EPIC event for all – “WE” the Avengers Fanatics!

But we can tell you how it’s gonna be –

[“Wohoo! HahaWoahh! Hahaha Woohoo! hahahahaWoooohoo! HahaWoaahh! WOW! Ha? Oh, Hell yes! Nooo! F*ck! WOOAAHH! Oh yeaaassssss! Woooohooo!! *Wait* *what* *What did just happen? * *Why? * and then “———-“(If you are wondering that means “silence”)]

We know its abrupt but we would like to end it here!

(Our love story was backed up by excerpts from WIKI – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Marvel_Cinematic_Universe_films )

If you want further intricate details, the main characters, and thorough details on every character, real names, directors, screen names, release date, please check that link out!

Signing off!

(hey hey Don’t leave the theater until you have watched the Post-credits scene there’s a surprise, Wait-for-it cuz its gonna be Legen-Soulfully-Dary!!! 😉

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