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Celebrating Mothers With More Than Just A Day In Their Name.

mothers day ad
Prega News

Indian advertisements have always wowed audiences with their uncommon take on different things- whether it is butter, glue, gender sensitivity and now pregnancy.

“Made by a company that sells pregnancy test kits, the new ad, ‘Your second home: celebrate pregnancy with Prega News’ has touched the right chords this Mothers’ Day.”

With an increasing number of women joining the workplace, issues such as pregnancy require sensitive handling. The ad, shot against a corporate background, shows the heart-warming caring and empathy of the boss and the colleagues for a lady who is pregnant. Simple adjustments at the workplace help the lady to feel at ease and cared for- very crucial in the months of pregnancy.

Filmed with a bit of suspense and a gradual build up to that ‘aww’ moment, this ad is a real delight.

The questions asked at the end of the ad are thought provoking and aim for a more sensitive environment to the needs of a pregnant employee.

Linked up beautifully with the theme of Mothers’ Day which is around the corner, this ad is winning the praise of critics and the masses alike.

Catch it here on You Tube.

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