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31, Single “Indian Girl” and Solo Trip – “Table for One” by Neha Bindal

31, Single "Indian Girl" and Solo Trip - “Table for One” by Neha Bindal
Table for one

“But so much love that we invest in someone, suddenly could talk no more, move no more, and finally is either burnt into ashes or buried inside the soil, then love is nothing: nothing more than the lie we tell ourselves that our love is going to last forever.”

Excerpt from the book “Table for One” written by Neha Bindal, published by Half Baked Beans.

31, Single "Indian Girl" and Solo Trip - “Table for One” by Neha Bindal
Table for one

When I received my book and started reading the very first chapter of the book, it gave an instant feeling of refreshment and my urge to get to a calm serene place, (my favorite café) to read it in one go and unwind the story about Taara Maheshwari.

So I reached cafe and reserved a “Table for one” with a cup of freshly brewed coffee and “Table for one” Book to accompany me. 😉

31, Single "Indian Girl" and Solo Trip - “Table for One” by Neha Bindal
Table for one

Table for One is a Fictional drama, story about a single Indian Girl, Taara, who just hit her Thirties.

Amidst all the the heartbreaks, dealing with past and her unsatisfied job as a corporate lawyer, she feels lost and thinks and questions to her self about her life’s purpose, future and love life.

As a typical conventional Indian family, she is forced to get married as she turns 31, without expecting a No from her, her father “fixes” a match for her. Taara, acting on impulse & inspired by the movie DDLJ, accepts to get married but on condition, only if she is allowed to go on a Europe Trip before it all starts.

 “Quit your job, buy a ticket, get a tan, fall in love and never return”

…almost exactly what she does, 31-year-old, single Indian Girl, Taara, quits her job and following her heart, nervous yet a total Bollywood fan, inspired by Bollywood movies like DDLJ, Queen and Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, she packs her bag and takes off for a Solo Trip, yes “Solo trip” all the way to Paris, Switzerland and Italy.

31, Single "Indian Girl" and Solo Trip - “Table for One” by Neha Bindal
Neha Bindal

While all she plans is to escape, be free and enjoy her a month long Europe trip, exploring beautiful cities in and around Europe before her “Arranged” marriage, what happens in the trip is an amazing twist of events to read.

It is a mix of all the emotions, fun, of being lost and found, finding her way back to herself, letting go of all the past, overcoming fears, soul searching, discovering the mystery of life, where she meets with interesting people, know their story and share her tour stories and yes also about encountering with love yet again, in “Million feelings, thousand thoughts, Hundred Memories and one person – Fred.”  Fred, blue eyed firang and medical supervisor part of a different tour team. Almost all a dreamy love.

How she meets him, first and then again and again, how they fall in love but hey! didn’t  “she already agree to her father that she will get “arranged” married once she is back from her Europe trip?” So now what happens?  and what happens between Taara & Fred? Will their love story end up being “Happily together forever” ? Will Taara get her “Raj” like simran does in DDLJ in the end?  or will Taara take decisions outgrown from her “Solo tripping” experiences? Well that is all for you to find out.
31, Single "Indian Girl" and Solo Trip - “Table for One” by Neha Bindal
Table for one

Table for one is like an easy breeze to read. It will take you to the places and soul tripping over the detailed description of the places in Europe, giving you the vivid imagination of all the events happening right in front of you like a theatrical play. The title sure does say “Table for one” but when you dwell into reading one chapter after another, it gives you the presence of the characters just being around you, leaving you with actual, exact, amazement of knowing them like any other real person. This story of Taara maheshwari “31, single “Indian Girl”, and Solo trip” will make you pack your bags and head out on a solo trip, making your own story as exciting as its being written by Neha Bindal.

You can order your copy from here

This is Neha Bindal’s first book! If you liked the gist of the story and wanna read complete story or wanna follow her to have updates on her next book releases – Do follow her –

The Book “Table for One” is from the publishing house of Half Baked Beans, if you are a writer who wants to publish the book or want to have updates on new releases or browse through their collection of releases, follow them here –

It’s a bit of both Travel and romance genre, bollywood’ish Story and we give it ***1/2 rating and recommend this book to those who love rom-com and love bollywood movies, also to all the single women out there.

I received a free copy from “Half Baked Beans” in exchange for this review.

You can order your copy from here.

With this piece of info. and review on the light yet a bit insightful book “Table for one” by Neha Bindal, published by Half Baked Beans.

Signing off!

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