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Mossad: The Greatest Missions of the Israeli Secret Service

Mossad: The Greatest Missions of the Israeli Secret Service
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Just finished reading this absolute thriller of a book called Mossad.

Who doesn’t know the name Mossad? Just reading the warning on their website would be enough to give you a glimpse of what lies ahead.

Mossad is undoubtedly the most talked about Secret Service/Intelligence or in plain English Spy agency in the world and yes belongs to that tiny nation called Israel which is loved and hated in equal measures by people throughout the world (depending on the nationality and religion).


Mossad: The Greatest Missions of the Israeli Secret Service
Picture Credit @therosaryrunner
The book has 21 chapters and each chapter is a complete thriller in itself, covering minute details of Mossad action in the field of Secret Service/ Spying/ Counter Intelligence. Reading the book is like watching a movie and what makes it even more interesting is that all of these missions were actually undertaken by Mossad to defend their tiny national Israel surrounded by their sworn enemy countries all around.

Mossad agents travel around the world, carry out unbelievable acts of bravery, sometime paying with their own life all for the safety and security of their country. Love them or hate them, but their action will surely leave a strong memory behind.

My favourite chapter or story is about Black September, the terrorist wing of PLO which carried out the ghastly act of kidnapping and murdering eleven Israeli athletes & officials during the Munich Summer Olympics in 1972 and how that event was avenged by Mossad by eliminating all those involved with Black September. Remember the movie Munich, yes it is based on this incidence and Mossad in action.

On September 5, 1972, at 4:30am, eight armed terrorist wearing ski masks broke into the apartment of the Israeli Olympic team at the Munich Olympics Village. They killed Moshe Weinberg, the coach of wrestling team, who tried to bar their way, and Joe Romano, a weight-lifting champion. A few athletes, awaked by the shouts and the gunfire, escaped by jumping out of the windows; nine were taken hostage by the terrorists. For the first time in history of the world, the whole world watched a murderous terrorist attack in live broadcast on its television screens. After an exhausting negotiation between terrorists and German authorities, which lasted the whole day, the terrorists and the hostages were driven to Furstenfildbruck Airport outside Munich. On realizing that they are being set-up, the terrorist opened fire at the airport and threw hand grenades. All the hostages were killed along with five out of the eight terrorist in the shootout with German Police, one officer of German Police was also killed. Barely a month later, Mossad started planing Wrath of God operation, to avenge the killing of innocent Sportsmen. It took months of meticulous planning and years in rigorous execution, but all the terrorist belonging to the Black September group got what they righty deserved.

The writers of the book are a deadly combination of Writer+Journalist (Nissim Mishal) & Writer+Politician (Dr. Michael Bar Zohar).

So if anyone can claim to have access to the authentic information about Mossad, its operations and detailed sequence of events mentioned in this book, these two gentlemen would be surely come at the top.

Nissim is a well known TV personality in Israel and has worked as reporter for Israeli State Television, reaching the level of Director General in the same organization. He has published many books specially two best selling books on the history of Israel at its 50th and 60th anniversary.

Dr. Bar Zohar was once an advisor to the great Israel General Moshe Dayan and has written the official biographies of David Ben Gurion, Shimon Peres & Isser Harel. He has been a member of Israel parliament (Knesset), taught as a professor at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) and at Haifa University in Israel. He is one of the foremost expert in the field of espionage and his books have been translated into eighteen languages.


Reviewed by Mr. Bhuwan Chand Sharma

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Picture by Vani Chauhan @therosaryrunner

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