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A Girl, A Stolen Camera, and A Borrowed Bike by Nikhil Singh Shaurya

A Girl, A Stolen Camera, and A Borrowed Bike! by Nikhil Singh Shaurya
Nikhil Singh Shaurya

“Will I ever be able to discover myself?

I’d already left home, 

Unknown roads my companion,

Pulled by some mysterious goal,

Far on this road,..” ~ Jai Singh

“A Girl, A Stolen Camera and A Borrowed Bike”

Sometimes it takes the right mood to read and finish the book and Other-times it takes the right book to set our mood right! If you are wondering, this book falls under the latter part of the line!

Well as much as the title of the book gives off the hint, let me break it to you.. Yes! It is a book on travelling, but this one’s more like a journey, a quest, “A tale of a journey” to right put in words!

The book is about a Girl named – “Sonali” and it’s written in to a soul-quenching Novel, by Nikhil Singh Shaurya @akkadbakkad_ghumakkad leaving you more to read, not about the girl but about you!

A Girl, A Stolen Camera, and A Borrowed Bike! by Nikhil Singh Shaurya
Nikhil Singh Shaurya

Before we start with the review for this amazing story of “A Girl, A Stolen Camera, and A Borrowed Bike” let us read something about the author, Nikhil is a Medical student and a research scholar. Deeply interested in science, music and travelling, who has a quest for learning and trying novelties.

So, let me take you through Sonali, “The Girl” of the short yet breezy story, She is a medical grad, soon to be a Doctor, which has always been her dream. The Story starts off with a letter, written by Dr. Sonali to her parents and what does the letter read? Well… it opens up with a quote from Fight Club,

“The worker bees can leave

The drones can fly away

The queen is the slave”

We can be called queen but what we really are is a slave of our greed, of our desires.

I wanted to become a doctor from the very beginning and then I started thinking about the things I want to have after I become a doctor. “

Did you miss it? Well let me rephrase the excerpt from the letter, “I wanted to become a doctor” 

If you read that right the first time, and from the beginning, becoming a Doctor was her dream and then it changes to “wanted” let me help you to get it all connected, Sonali Desai before becoming Doctor Sonali Desai, or more precisely before her graduation she with her friends makes a plan to go to their dream vacation “Goa” but with something called “The Goa Pact” and through one of those pacts, Sonali meets someone only to discover “A Camera”, and that brings us to the second main of the three main parts of the story.

A Girl, A Stolen Camera, and A Borrowed Bike! by Nikhil Singh Shaurya
Nikhil Singh Shaurya

What was in that Camera, or possibly “A Stolen Camera” pictures obviously! Duh! But pictures of what, where or whom? Specifically clicked by whom? But those pictures become the reason that makes her re-think about herself, about her life, what she has been doing with her life and more than ever her wanting to travel!  That camera, redefines her life and reshapes her journey. It revamps her journey in pursuit of ‘someone’ that the pictures talk of… of Jai Singh Koranga! The owner of the Camera and Yes the same Jai Singh whose poems excerpt you read in the beginning of the article.

“The tale of a journey” is an account of Sonali’s expedition to the one the camera beholds and intrigues her about. The book is a narrative of the girl’s exploration of and the stories that pass by on the borrowed bike. But whom did she borrow the bike from? And where does she head off to? To a place or to places! Anyway that brings us to third main part of our story “A borrowed bike” What is really in the camera that intrigues Sonali? So much that she borrows off a bike, with a stolen camera and rides away which is unusual for a girl to do it, all in all searching for Jai? Who is Jai Singh Koranga? Is her journey a quest in itself? Is it a quest to know about Jai or a quest to discover her own self?

Well! Well! Well! That’s for you all to find out!!! For which you will have to read the complete story of this intriguing book “A Girl, A Stolen Camera and A Borrowed Bike”  the good part is its short and breezy and you can finish the book at one-go!

And for that you will obviously have to get your own copy first! Duh again! 😉

soo.. Here are the links –

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ohh! we have a little note from the Author himself! And guess what it is about? The next book!! Yass!

So.. the next one, will be spin-off of his first book “A Girl, A Stolen Camera and A Borrowed Bike”, the main characters will be featured in the next book too, it’s gonna be a Political Thriller and the real stories unanswered in the first book will be explained in the next book.  (Wow!! We can’t wait for it already!)

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On that note! Signing Off!


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