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When Papaji and Mummyji spice it up in the bedroom!

When Papaji and Mummyji spice it up in the bedroom!
Terribly Tiny Tales
“What happens when a middle aged middle class couple discover a pair of kinky handcuffs in the bedroom of their twenty-something son?”

Well, for starters, they don’t hand it back to him!!! It actually ‘sparks’ off an interesting ‘conversation’ between the man and woman, who have never openly explored this aspect of sex in all the years they have been married to each other. They manage to (albeit hilariously) spice up their boring life as an aging couple all because of their son- though he has no clue about it!

Writer/Director Sonam Nair’s delightful take on an elderly couple’s challenge to themselves to sex it up in the bedroom, makes for a fun watch. Stellar performances from Neena Gupta whose casual confessions of being extremely familiar with BDSM through the much read novel Fifty Shades of Grey, and as well as from veteran actor Jackie Shroff  in a never-seen-before role, steal the show. Other supporting cast include Rani Patwar and Archak Chhabra.

There are several highlights in the film and many reasons for quiet laughs and loud chuckles when the couple fumble through their version of role play in an attempt to experiment with BDSM.

This short film produced under the Terribly Tiny Tales banner is delightful and a must watch for its true to life depiction of what can happen behind the closed doors in an average Indian household!

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