Nano Tales

These brief stories,narrated in two or three lines, sometimes woven around a word or theme, capture a world of emotions in a few words!

Do you have a nano tale to share with us – mail it to [email protected] mentioning this section in the subject line.



Poetry sings to the heart and soul, in its special form, whether in rhyme or in blank verse. This section features the poetry mailed in by poets from across the globe.

Do you have a poem to share with us- mail it to us @ the [email protected] mentioning this section in the subject line.


Tales of a Life

There are words that emanate directly from our experiences as we journey through this life. These words are fill the pages of the different chapters of our lives. Tales of a Life gathers all these reflections and offers a bouquets of emotions to the reader.

Do you have such a tale to share? We are waiting to hear from you. Mail us @ [email protected] mentioning this section in the subject line.


Talking Heads

The world cannot function without opinions. We all have the right to express our points of view. Talking Heads gets all of you to put on your thinking caps and express your views on any given issue- whether social, economic, political, intellectual, or related to inter personal relationships. We love to hear the voices of the people because it counts and it matters!

Do you have an issue you would like us to feature in the Talking Heads section? Write into us at [email protected] mentioning this section in the subject line.



Hall of Fame

The universe of Entertainment has uncountable stars in its galaxy that shine brightly even after decades elapse. There are films, movies, actors, musicians, directors- that have left their mark. The Hall of Fame is The Uncommon Box’s tribute to these shining stars.

Do you have a tribute to pay to a classic film or a cult actor for example? Do you want us to discuss about any such film or personality? Mail us with your thoughts at [email protected] mentioning this section in the subject line.



They say if books are your friends, you will never be lonely. So let us celebrate this special bond between Man and Word, through this section, which will discuss and analyse books.

Do you have a favourite book? Do you have a book you want the world to know about? Write into us at [email protected] mentioning this section in the subject line, and let us be friends of books all over again.



Who has not fallen for the charm of celluloid stories? Who has not loved the stories narrated so eloquently on the silver screen? This section lives and breathes cinema- all kinds of cinema- beyond language and country.

So if you have a movie you love or love to hate, and have written about it, or want to initiate a discussion on, mail us at [email protected] mentioning this section in the subject line.



Shakespeare said that ‘If music be the food of love, play on,’ Music is soul-food. The world would be poorer without music. This section is solely dedicated to music- the latest music, the newest trends, songs that are storming the net and the dance floor. It is all about the music.

So if you like writing about music, or wish us to write about something specifically music related, mail us at [email protected] mentioning this section in the subject line.


Short Films

The Uncommon Box encourages all artists. The genre of short films is an increasingly popular category of film making. And we intend to keep talking and discussing about this type of movie making.

If you make short films, or are a dedicated fan of short films or maybe you have just seen only one, write into us at [email protected] and tell us all about it, mentioning this section in the subject line.


TV talk

The Television maybe called the idiot box but there is nothing more powerful than that box which beams programmes 24*7 into our lives 365 days! This section is dedicated to all trends, programmes, series and everything related to the television. We will feature everything you want to know and discuss about television programmes.

If you wish to present your thoughts, opinions and analysis on television programmes, do write in to us at [email protected] mentioning this section in the subject line.


Social Media Guru

Life without Social Media is unthinkable. It has crept into every aspect of our living and is an integral part of it. Predictably, there are significant contributors to this world of social media. They have made their mark by their work and excellence in this field. This section discusses them and their role in Social Media.

Do you know any such Social Media Guru? Do you want us to write about someone specific? Contact us with your thoughts at [email protected] mentioning this section in the subject line.


Can woman live on her own without a partner in her life?

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You will find all the different contests organised and promoted by The Uncommon Box in this section. Keep yourself informed of the interesting out-of-the-box competitions that TUB focuses on organising.

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The Uncommon Box welcomes promotional collaborations with event organisers for their events. These can be college fests , sponsored events like photowalks, and professional events.

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Feature of the Month

The Feature of the Month section highlights the best post featured on our Instagram handle and Facebook group. To be eligible for a feature on TUB, you must follow our Instagram handle and as well as our Facebook group page.

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