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Celebrating Womanhood; Our Tribute To The Women Of Today, Tomorrow And Yesterday!

Celebrating Womanhood; Our Tribute To The Women Of Today, Tomorrow And Yesterday

“I was born as a woman, as a daughter to my parents, but was never treated as one…”

24-year old Gazal Mandelia, a blogger and photographer says that she never regretted about it. “To my parents, I am their son first and a daughter later, and they have always been screaming this in pride”, she says.

Celebrating Womanhood; Our Tribute To The Women Of Today, Tomorrow And Yesterday
Gazal Mandelia

We tend to talk too much, about womanhood, about their lives, their struggles to survive in this male-dominated society, and so on. But we fail to recognize and encourage their strengths and capabilities. The society always stands to protect the women, without preparing them to become independent and strong by themselves.

And that’s where all the social problems begin…

“Today women are capable of raising their voice in the society, provided they have the guts to stand for themselves. The only person who can change their sorry state is they themselves. They have to take the first step and world will follow.”

This motivating and intriguing words from “Stylish by NatureShalini Chopra, a fashion blogger based out of Bangalore, left us speechless. And we thought “the world needs such women. Can we make them like her?”

She further adds; “Being a woman myself, my mom has always taught me to have self-respect above anything. I learned my lessons well and as a woman, I always stand for my self-respect without expectations and a second thought”.
Celebrating Womanhood; Our Tribute To The Women Of Today, Tomorrow And Yesterday
Shalini Chopra


We were so overwhelmed listening to this that we craved for some more lessons and stories from other successful women.

“We are very lucky to have been born in a modern, educated household in India – We have lived a privileged life with access to education and opportunities that perhaps have been inaccessible to other women in the country and we are eternally grateful to have lived a life that’s not been very oppressive. Our parents have always treated us with care and given us the freedom to make our own life choices.”

These words by “Grab Your Globe” ladies, Chandni and Simone, further motivated us and gave us goosebumps…

But it pinched us, when they said this;

“Of course, as working women and girls who live in India, we have faced instances of glass ceiling and the harassment that women face everyday–be it unwanted glances or more physical forms of harassment. It’s sad to note that despite having a modern upbringing, and living in a fairly cosmopolitan city, we still face these regressive issues … and that makes us frustrated and angry.”

“How and why” were the two questions that struck us. It was like a scary scene in a beautiful fairy-tale.

But we were relieved on listening to this; “In the environment of ‘#MeToo global movement’ and all the un-ending stories we hear and have been hearing about the sufferings by women, it’s more surprising (and empowering) to hear about them beating the odds.”

Celebrating Womanhood; Our Tribute To The Women Of Today, Tomorrow And Yesterday
Chandni and Simone


Today, women have taken their place almost everywhere, and it has been realised that the world will become a better place if everyone prospers and strive for its betterment, irrespective of any physical or social differences. Now that’s a progress, isn’t it?

And why shouldn’t it be? With everything good, comes great responsibility to carry it forward. If women are given privileges to become independently successful, they are expected to be financially stable too.

But why?

“Financial independence is essential in today’s scenario more than ever. No matter what their dreams are – be it to start a family or live by their own rules, it empowers women to make their own decisions. In a world of “survival of the fittest”, It’s torturing for a woman to be in a position that allow someone to have money power over them.”

The Goan-Mumbai blogger, Jade Dsa from “That Goan Girl” recently contributed to spread awareness about financial independence of women for a brand. As she shares the reason behind it, she explains the relevance of it; “for instance,with the economic pressure on a rise,the households and the society also expect middle class women to work, but even if that were not the case, earning their own bread and being able to sustain themselves can boost their self-morale. It’s 2018 and women don’t have to be helpless anymore – be it a single woman, a married one, a divorced one or a widow.”

How is it possible?

“She doesn’t have to have crores of money or invest in property to be considered financially stable. Remember, a monthly pay cheque in her bank account alone cannot render herself capable of meeting all her financial goals. It is how she plans and manages her finances which matters more. And women have come along with this skill quite better than most men”.

Celebrating Womanhood; Our Tribute To The Women Of Today, Tomorrow And Yesterday


In the middle of all the women we hear about, their achievements we admire, we also have some incidents of gross cruelties happening to them, in physical and sentimental ways. Domestic violence still is an issue for most women in the Indian households. Rapes have just become too rampant. Social taboos involving women are just lying unsolved. It’s saddening to hear them, but we know that they shall overcome them all. And we all should stand by them no matter what.

And all these, irrespective of her age…

In India, women aren’t even respected in professional areas, and that’s what Somya Singh, a 20-year old “The Dark Escape” writer and blogger from Delhi has confessed; “It’s crazy! The race to be on the top is making histories but like every history it has some dark stories that everyone ignores or at least tries to. I recently came across apparent “gentlemen” from one of the most reputable college in India. He came up to me, to asking if I could judge a fashion event and I can be a special guest since to them, I was a young achiever. He mentioned things about different arrangements and agreed to pay my fees. And with time he started to ask me uncomfortable questions in the light of being a friend, where I clearly advised him to keep things professional. But days after his own confirmation he said that the college doesn’t have a budget. I sportingly said “it’s okay. We can work in future sometime.” For me, it was over. After a few days this “gentleman” comes up again saying that I should give him the final answer, I said I already did. He made a huge fuss about me asking for my fees and told me that he would give me my fees but I just have to “spend some quality time with him”.”

This filled us with anguish and anger. But this young woman dealt with it easily.

“And to give him a good lesson, I didn’t back out. I took a stand for myself on my own. I gave him the taste of his virtues in the flavour he knows. I reported the whole thing on social media and exposed him so that he gets his lesson. He was shamed by all those who stood by her, hopefully he understood. But such goons don’t die easy.”
Celebrating Womanhood; Our Tribute To The Women Of Today, Tomorrow And Yesterday
Somya Singh

This is it, women somewhere are capable enough to fight. But not all are. And so for those who can’t and want to, we stand strong besides them, mould them into stronger beings and make them enough able to fight. People might think this absurd, because we aren’t offering them help. But here’s where the real challenge lies. They have to become stronger to tackle all odds and come out easily. Rather than fighting the devils on their behalf, we should prepare them to protect themselves from their enemies.

The Uncommon Box has always encouraged women to be the people they deserve to be; independent, courageous and intelligent. And this goes for all women irrespective of any differences. We salute the spirits of such women and thank them for making us believe in ourselves because they believed in themselves.

We wish all the fabulous females a very Happy Women’s Day and wish them health, wealth and happiness.

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