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Mamta Sharma Das

We at theuncommonbox have been fortunate enough to read all those stories that have been submitted on our website in umpteen numbers and there are also some stories that we come across through our uncommon family. Each and every story has a struggle, an inspiration, a transformation and a happy ending. But when we came across the story of Mamta Sharma Das better known by her instagram/blog handle name – “@TheBohoBaalika” we felt two things; one it made us understand the term boho in a deeper way and two it made us realize how being what you want to be in life is solely the outcome of your determination for it. By determination here, we just don’t mean a career or a passion but also the daily struggles of our life.

Mamta Sharma Das @TheBohoBaalika Photo Credits : @pratikmondalphotography


So, who is this TheBohoBaalika ?

Mamta is an ex corporate cow. And just like how people talk about becoming a mother can truly change ones’ life, it did the same to Mamta as well. She quit her job to welcome her sunshine, her daughter and introduce her to the beautiful world. But this happiness was soon disrupted with problems.

On asking how she faced them? She answers, “I think the love for our children compels us to stand strong against the tide crashing against us.”

She adds on that one needs to educate oneself about the situation that the destiny has bestowed upon us and quickly follow this up with not just accepting but embracing the problem.

Mamta Sharma Das @TheBohoBaalika

And somewhere in between doing all this i.e. being a good parent, being a loving mother, facing her own struggles as a woman in a #maledominant society it gave rise to her very true avatar “The bohobaalika”.

An admirer of Frida Kalho, she always felt her true connect was art!

But being under the care of her mother, being a single parent; she sure was raised by a free spirited mother but a lot of constraints did not allow her to make it to a design college. But as they say it has to come when the time is right.

It was in her 30s that she decided to work on herself be it as a human or a superhuman- a mother! She took her first step in becoming a healthier person and lost 14 kilos, yes! You heard us right. She then wanted to basically document everything about her life; be it the highs or the lows, the peace or the chaos!

Mamta Sharma Das @TheBohoBaalika

She says, “I just wanted a web space, where I could park all my daily thoughts, my sartorial choices, my parenting challenges and my quest towards trailing a brand new yet simplistic life.”

And thus she began her journey as a blogger, but she always was fond of sarees and therefore started dressing up and writing about them and always did her bit to promote the handloom industry. She did not know the professional whereabouts of blogging world, yet she set off, like a boho in her own style.


The journey of being a fashion/lifestyle blogger….

Mamta Sharma Das @TheBohoBaalika

A social media influencer who claims to be the most aloof human inside! Mamta made sure her bohobaalika journey was simple and relatable to all the women out there.

Promoting self love through her blog, she swears by the words of Coco Chanel “Fashion fades, Style remains the same”.

She has an agenda of making the basic into the popular. An old vintage at heart she preaches that feeling good in what you wear must be important and that choosing personal style over fashion must be practiced. Mamta has worked with finest of the designers and known brands of the country. Yet being the humble soul that she is, she instantly disagreed upon calling her a fashionista.

When we asked her about a handloom tradition of India that needs attention, this is what she had to say “I think we always go after sarees and opting garments when talking about handloom, we somewhere overshadow the vastness of the entire industry limiting it to wearing handloom.
Mamta Sharma Das @TheBohoBaalika

There are other very skilled weaves from the North Eastern part of India that needs a squall. They might not be making wearable options but are making some lovely bags, napkins, cushion covers and table mats. One such handloom tradition is Lepcha from Sikkim. Of all the tribes in Sikkim, the Lepcha community is well known for its looms. The Lepcha spun fabric is also used in making their traditional garments. These rare arts need to be highlighted well too besides all the silk traditions.”

Although her inspiration in the blogging industry is Anupriya Kapoor, it is the fashion styles of her mother that she practices. Rekha being her mother’s inspiration! You know what we mean here, loose tied up braids and the extra kohled eye.


Understanding the “boho” here!

Mamta Sharma Das @TheBohoBaalika

Remember in the beginning we mentioned about understanding a deeper meaning about boho? A general opinion about it is someone who isn’t conformed by the society, someone who entails everything with art. But here is our say- “ Being Boho isn’t necessarily about being cool or different. We need to first be boho to ourselves first, that being: understanding the art about you, your inner self! We all have a storm and calm within us. We need to face its reality, break it down and mellow it to the pure art- the pure boho soul within us. Only then can we conquer the world out there and help others” Be Boho, Be YOU!

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