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The Silent Struggle

Nikhil Singh Tomar

Everyone fights back a physical ailment- there is no shame in admitting to it. But the real struggle is fighting the demons in one’s head. That takes a lot of courage and one often finds no support or feels hesitant to seek support. This feature by Nikhil Singh Tomar deals exactly with this issue.

 Battling anxiety and depression requires constant effort.

It can be like trying to tune a radio in the middle of nowhere. You keep turning the dial, but static prevails. You hear glimpses of that song that always makes you smile, but it is too fuzzy to actually enjoy. Everyone tells you to just relax and listen to the music, and you are trying your hardest to do just that, despite what they think. Advice: keep trying; the smile the song brings is definitely worth it.

It is better to let it out.

Even if everything in you wants you to suppress your emotions and your panic because of how it may look to others or because you really did not want to have another panic attack this week, please don’t.

Remember that you have the strength and the resources to clean the mess, but if you ignore it, it will only get worse as life keeps shaking it.Even though depression is perceived as all melancholy and apathy, the fear can be there within you because you know how ill you really are. It can be a lot like sleep paralysis. You know you should be moving, running away, screaming, or doing something productive because you are afraid of the things in your mind’s eye, but you are paralyzed, unable to react physically.

But in the end all I would say is

You have a voice, too.

The more you talk to others and talk to yourself (no matter how silly you feel) and the more you channel that spirit and confidence that still live inside you (whether you believe it or not), the less their lies hinder you. You are not the exception to recovery, and even though you are not at fault for any of this, you have that power in how you cope with it.

Be the Change

Live to Love

So do reach out – help is just a call or ping away.

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