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When Books Are Our Safe Haven – Aisha Jain

Entering into my Safe Heaven
Picture Credits : @bookmateriality

Books are timeless!

They play a very significant role in our lives and inevitably take you through into a different world.  In a way, you relate to the author such that you start feeling every emotion narrated in the book as your own. You start to live a different life away from reality. Isn’t that fascinating!!

Books are the only constant that remains in your life despite all changes and technology advancements. They are your comfort zones and always there at your disposal whenever you need them

Our Uncommon writer Aisha Jain, below narrates a beautiful story about the importance and relationship of books in her life and how she takes pleasure in the small corner of the library entering into a safe heaven and happy space through her books.


I opened the door and quietly sneaked in.

And was immediately hit by the familiar scent of what was the only thing that felt like home lately. The room was dimly lit, almost dark, but for the flickering bulb refusing to die just yet. Had it not been for the ricketing excuse of a fan; hanging on a wire (literally), it would have been so quiet you could even hear your eyes blink.

Well, the fan, and Raj Anna. Raj Anna is gently snoring in the corner, perched comfortably on his worn out rocking chair; the only perk of working in this hundred-year-old library, as he often tells me.

And I always disagree, for each page of the gazillion books sitting gracefully on the shelf tops offer you infinitesimal reasons of spending hours, even days over here.

I tiptoe to my corner of the dusty books filled with yellowing pages and tattered jackets. Battered and torn and used and abused, much like me. But also loved and cherished and still useful, perhaps like me. 

“What is it going to be today, miss?” I ask myself as I take one. The title has almost faded from the spine and the front jacket is covered with an inch of dust.

“The perfect canvas.” I muse, tracing flowers and stars over the dusty jacket.

The corner has perhaps been eaten up by moths so all I can read is Pride and Preju-. Well, who cares about the corners anyway. A little something written in blue calligraphy peeps at me from the torn corner.


Dear Jeeru,

I don’t know if it was pride that kept me away from you all this time, or my prejudice of the odds always being against us. But I guess that doesn’t matter anymore, for what is Mr. Darcy save for his Liz. (Saved by her too.)




I smile as a treacherous tear goes astray. At least some would always stand the test of time, even if it’s only from the pages of the book, I think, as I open one more door and quietly sneak in.

A Library is not only for borrowing books and reading them but it can also save or change your life in a way you can never imagine it to be.

The power of books exposes you to the wisdom of all kinds, in expanding your understanding of the world and in learning more about the society and adapting to it. It always keeps you entertained in exposing yourself to new ideas, new things and new ways to achieve your goal and move forward in life.


About the writer:

Aisha describes herself as a tumble weed blowing in the wind, floating around happily, taking on life as is, one moment at a time. Not one to fall into societal categorizations of careers, passions, and professions, she asks not what you want to be, but what you want to do.

Entering into my Safe Heaven
“Trying to find the magic in the mundane life” is what interests her. She says, “treat life as a wonderful gift and nothing would seem less than the universe conspiring to set motions to make it your day, every day.’”

You can follow Aisha on her blog


Banner Picture Credits : @BOOKMATERIALITY

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