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ExquisiTENess Words Of A Heart-Broken

Exquisi'TEN'ess Words Of A Heart-Broken

Have you ever felt the heart-break, that etched your heart and left you feeling lonely?

Well some of you must have. We all do in our lifetime at least once.

and say it irony or coincidence, we often come across “heart-breaking quotes” or “heart-breaking lines or poems” during those times.

Here are some words let out of a broken-heart and beautifully put by PoetrybyBrick.

Maybe while you read, few of you would also learn “How to cope with a Heartbreak”


Let us introduce you to few of his writing pieces;

#1 On being a Fool! 

ExquisiTENess Words Of A Heart-Broken
@poetrybybrick | Artist : @marsambucus

aren’t we all so fool in love?


#2 On a picture that his heart shows!

ExquisiTENess Words Of A Heart-Broken
@poetrybybrick | Artwork : @hannaritarlite

Ooh! Heark-breaking lines.


#3 On his belief!

ExquisiTENess Words Of A Heart-Broken

So many feels!!! 


#4 On some pretty straight confessions

ExquisiTENess Words Of A Heart-Broken

Damnn! somebody let some air in! 


#5 On punishments!

ExquisiTENess Words Of A Heart-Broken

Oh the struggle!! 


#6 On what hurt him the most! 

ExquisiTENess Words Of A Heart-Broken

Ooh! those 3 little word are really so hurtful!  


#7 On showing love! 

ExquisiTENess Words Of A Heart-Broken

Sometimes the best way to show someone you care is to let them go. So True!


#8 On his concern for Girls! 

ExquisiTENess Words Of A Heart-Broken

Wohoo! Feminism! More power to you!  


#9 On his thoughts on Women! 

ExquisiTENess Words Of A Heart-Broken
@poetrybybrick | Artist : @jinggapw

Ah! The language of heart! 


#10 On lies!

ExquisiTENess Words Of A Heart-Broken

I know you are too hoping for that one day to happen soon! 


I am sure, all you girls are flattered and having so many feels right now! and the guys must be in awe and relating to his poems.

Well let’s get to knowing him a little bit more in his own words.


Intro –

I write under the pen name of Brick. I’m from Edinboro, Pennsylvania. Presently I’m majoring in Business and Economics, and concentrating in Finance and Personal Financial Planning at Edinboro University. I also work forty hours a week, managing my dad’s beer distributor.   (Wow!! A Business Stud and a Poet!)


His journey of being a writer – 

I started writing poems for my ex-girlfriend and just fell in love with it from there.

I also found it very therapeutic. (Writing does heal)


His source of Inspiration –

I draw inspiration from many aspects of my life: my ex-girlfriend, people around me, my childhood (my parent’s divorce and living with an alcoholic). (inspiration born amidst sadness:'( )


His challenges on being creative – 

Currently, I struggle to find time to write every day and to draw inspiration from events other than my break up with my ex.  (yeah! hope he Keeps going!!)


His thoughts on his experience –

To be honest, just being able to get my feelings off my chest. It’s also a very beautiful experience to have others relate to your feelings and know that your words are helping people besides yourself.  (Yes! it is relatable! and sure is helping many!)


His Dreams and aspirations – 

Had you asked me this question six months ago it would have been to become a CEO or CFO of a Fortune 500 company, making millions of dollars a year. Now, I hope to publish a book and to find a meaningful career that allows me to help those less fortunate than me.  (he is also soo kind)


His advice for aspiring writers – 

Just write, and write, and write. I almost failed English my Junior year of high school and here I am today with a following of almost 13K people on Instagram and growing. Don’t let anyone discourage you from writing and be patient.  (Aspiring writers are you noting this point?)


And so here we end our article on this amazing poet, but if you liked his writings or loved and got inspired and related, do check out his Instagram account @poetrybybrick

and follow him already!

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