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Pretty Face – Not So Pretty Reality

Pretty Face – Not So Pretty Reality

The fragrance of words touch hearts, our Uncommon Poet, Anushree Mehta, finds her joy in writing. A ‘Pretty Face’ and size zero are something very few women are able to escape. The society forces us to be perfect. Sadly, even certain parents force their children to be hit by the plague of ‘Zero Figure’ leading them to depression.

Body shaming has become part and parcel of our culture.

Girls are either just too fat or too thin, they starve their self to just to look pleasing to people. Girls from a very tender age start hiding their beauty under layers of make-up. It’s high time that we do not focus on how our women look on the outside but look at how beautiful their heart is.

As someone who has seen body shaming closely, the poet has penned her feeling in her verse ‘Pretty Face’. Her cousin got into depression due to the constant criticism she received. This became the main reason for her to pour her feelings into words.


So The Uncommon Box with her colloquy highlights the theme of ‘Body Shaming’


“Pretty face pretty face
What have you done?
Killing a thousands dreams
You made them weak.
Pretty face pretty face
I see you on TV
I see girls fainting
They die flaunting
Zero figure
Nothing more than bones
Pretty Face – Not So Pretty Reality
In Frame @akhila_22
Photo Credit @linus_diaries
Pretty face pretty face
Don’t you see
The Hungry dying
And the Rich dieting
Each prey of food
Pretty face pretty face
You only look good on TV
Pretty face pretty face
I know you drink your tears too”


Her voice is of every young Indian woman who wants to break the shackles of the society. Young voices like her will help us to grow as better humans. The poem correctly points out what bad does this unwanted perfection leads to.


About the Poet:

Pretty Face – Not So Pretty Reality
Anushree Mehta

Anushree Mehta is a perfumer by profession, and a logophile by choice. She is also pursuing B.Ed. in the field of English & Social Sciences. Her inspiration is Ruskin Bond and many other classic and contemporary poets. Her very first poem was dedicated to her parents as their 17th anniversary gift.

She says, “I write because it makes me happy and if by any chance I get acknowledged as a writer or a poet, I will be over the clouds. Writing is more of a passion to me. And many times it helps me stay sane in the most insane moments.”

The next time if you body sham a person, you are interfering with their right to live. To grow as a society, and let everyone live as equals, we need to leave our vices behind. We at The Uncommon Box pledge to be against body shaming, do you???

If you have your thoughts, poems, articles or any other form of art to share, do mail us at [email protected].

Poem by Anushree Mehta | Final Edited by Anjli Dhanani

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