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Scarred By Love – A Powerful Poem By Devika Hedge

Scarred by Love- A powerful poem by Devika Hedge

Though we are in an era which is much civilized, the physical and mental abuse towards women is still there, says our Uncommon writer Devika Hedge. The writer who currently pursues a degree in pharmacy further adds on that “It’s only in these days that women have become bold enough to fight back and speak up, but however it is saddening to know that there are some who suffer in silence”.

In an attempt to convey that a girl/ woman is complete being herself and she is under no obligation to accept things she doesn’t like and every woman must speak up for herself and should never be ashamed of it, Devika has written a poem titled “Scarred by Love” and here goes the poem for all the TUB readers:


Scarred by love!

Might have been my mistake

Couldn’t understand the gravity

Such sacred was your love

I overlooked the sanctity now that I am scarred for life,

I admit my mistake.

Let me see-

Now will you hold me in your arms?

Will you accept me?

Will you caress my face?

The face that has lost its slightest trace.

Scarred by Love- A powerful poem by Devika Hedge

 Look into my eyes.

The eyes-which are bruised shut

The lashes are burnt.

Will there be ever a gentle stroke on my cheek?

My cheek now a master piece!

Well, you just might.

Such glorious was your love after all.

I wonder what ignited this idea in you.

Did someone else suggest?

Or was it your own master stroke?

Now how do you feel?

It’s just the face

That you have sabotaged.

The entire body is left.

To be further damaged.

Take my word-

Make a pool of acid

Throw me into it.

I will be thoroughly scarred

Deeper will be the mark of your love!

I wish –

In my next birth

I get to be your daughter

And I am blessed again with a lover-

As passionate as you!


Very powerful lines, indeed! We at TUB asked the writer on what was her inspiration to write such powerful stuff and we were quite surprised with the answer.

She said, far her memory serves she remembers writing a small piece during her school days that got popular among her classmates. With the little encouragement she got, she started writing and took it as a hobby which eventually nurtured into her passion. That’s the power of appreciation and encouragement.

Scarred by Love- A powerful poem by Devika Hedge
Devika Hedge

The writer signs off with a positive note that she would love to see how the future unfolds new things into her horizon with writing. Help her do it by commenting how you feel about her piece of writing.

Poem by Devika Hedge | Final Edited by Aishwarya Swaminathan

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