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Soulmates Forever by Medha Behera


People often confuse lovers and soulmates. We have this thought in our head that our soulmate is the person whom we are in love with or married to. And it is possible! I am not denying that but there are good chances that they aren’t. And it isn’t weird or unnatural at all.

A soulmate is your friend. That friend who is extremely rare to come across. That someone who makes you feel alive – sometimes in a good way and sometimes in a not so good way too. What is common either-way is that they brim your heart with so much energy that you find it absolutely impossible to ignore them or the very connection that you share with them.

I am almost tempted to write that your soulmate can be your addiction, and the biggest one at that. Such a connection just goes deeper than all the other friendships or relationships that you have in your life. Because for once, you are yourself inspite of everything and sometimes, the person may not like that too much but accept you anyway. When you find your soulmate, all you can think of is just going with the flow – savoring every possible moment with the person; often without thinking how it leads into the future. And that’s where I think the difference comes.

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With your soulmate, you possibly can’t be selfish like in love. When you are in love, you are selfish. You want to have the person with you forever. And you would do anything to make that happen. A soulmate however, having struck the chords of your heart like no one else, just makes sense by being there, by being a part of your life. It is like going along with the waves; doesn’t matter if they are calm or rough. And whether or not the waves last, it doesn’t matter. Because all that matters is the special connection and the fact that you can have it in your life not just when the person is there but also after that. They will always be in your heart, in your life, no matter wherever they are!

I am inclined to think I may just have found my soulmate. This person seems to take me at my worst and scariest moments. And makes me feel as if things are fine again and even if they are not, the imperfections are fine and good to live for. Its pretty much the same feeling – the feeling of having a best friend during kindergarten, the one of feeling secure and guided by your family and of course, the subtle closeness once shared with your better half and sometimes, the playfulness of having a sibling. In fact, it is all of these feelings muddled up into this one person.

Your heart feels so full and overjoyed and skeptical all at the same time. But its good muddled up – the good kinds! When you think there is actually a silver lining to the darkest of clouds. Yeah, that! That right there is the feeling that I seem to have. A soulmate shows you the mirror, becomes your biggest critique and also, your most devoted fan. They appreciate the good things in you when you can’t even see them. They question your actions when you can’t make out what’s wrong with you. But at all times, they are right there. It is a good feeling and one should savour all of it for as long as you can, for as long as you have the blessed opportunity of having them!


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