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Talking Heads – Does Love need a special date to be shown or expressed ?

Talking Heads

Come February, and it seems Love is on everyone’s mind- whether ordinary people or the business establishments which seek to captilize on the 14th February fervour. So The Uncommon Box decided to delve a little deeper into this issue and put forth a topic, which had a lot of reactions to it. We simply asked-

Does Love need a special date to be shown or expressed ?

As expected there were two main opinions on this issue- one was that no special day needs to be celebrated to display one’s love, while the other opinion believed in grabbing every chance given to show love.

The more practical and often cynical view about this topic was that love or iits expression has been reduced to a mere ritual. There is no sincerity in it. So if one needs to follow this ritual, for whatever reason, let it not be at the cost of one’s pocket.
A lesser radical opinion was that, Love being what it is, does not require any special day, date or ritual. It can be expressed through the simplest and yet the sincerest of gestures. The celebration of this day has become too commercial and is in the limelight for all the wrong reasons, So it is indeed better not to follow something so blindly.

The other opinion contradicting this one- seems more romantic but then is also based on logic. Just like festivals are special days marked off on the calendar to celebrate something specifically, even Love needs a special day because it is the most easily ignored or neglected feeling in our stressful lives.

So what does The Uncommon Box feel about this? Well, like every impartial moderator in a debate. we leave it to the readers to make up their minds about which side the balance tilts. As a society of individuals, we need to think for ourselves what works best for us and not follow the herd.

The following is the transcript of the conversation on Instagram. We sincerely thank our participants.

Talking Heads !

#Does Love need a special date to be shown or expressed ?

It is that time of the year when ‘love is in the air’, With 14th February around the corner, The Uncommon Box is curious to know whether love really requires a special day reserved for its expression. Do we need to get that card, or that teddy bear, or that candlelight dinner at a fancy restaurant to say ‘I love you’? Like the post is not enough but Speak your mind right here and let us listen in to the pulse of the people around us, about whether true Love really exists.

Here are the selective replies :

@positive_rays Love is a feeling and can be expressed any day. But we all are so busy in meeting our ends that we actually forget to express the love we have for others.. Just as other festivals are meant for bringing people closer, I guess a day to express love is something we should look forward to… Alteast then we make an attempt to express our feelings… And on other days we should just love☺☺ Happy Valentine’s day💐💐

@sweettooth_obssessions No not at all. It can be expressed in any form.. any day… any moment. the more you spread.. more you get… as For one day we can plan something really special or lets face it… we just copy the Western culture with incomplete knowledge… as in reality we don’t need a single day verdict for it… As if we fail to go with the clutter of doing as other.. we are not considered normal.. as maximum of crowd is in the line of celebration 😄

@aniket_0781 Umm may be not , if you really love someone and are in a right relationship each and every single day for you will be a celebration 🎉 , not always you need days to express your feelings towards eachother , if you really mean them than every single day can be made special ♥.

@capture.stories I believe yes a special day is needed but not necessarily be valentine’s and that is because the scenario is such where everyone is busy.. Partners dont really get time to express love in a more fancy way everyday. True love does exists and it is very important to express it. Now a days there are many barriers to communication but valentine’s only is not a solution to it nor a way out nor a necessity. When its true love both the parts try to make the other half happy, satisfied, feel loved by just compromising, sacrificing understanding each other everyday. A single day comprises of N number of tasks, conversations, problems etc for instance just coming back home from work and spending 30mins to know how the day was of your partner is love. So little things everyday are opportunities to express love.. Thats true love. Valentine’s is not necessary for that.

@addicted_clicker Yaar dekha jaaye naa agr aapko koye love krta hai naa use just aap ke muhn se i love you hi sunna hota hai n restaurant main candlelight dinner main aap ilove you bol rhe ho kya fayada saamne waale ko i love you hi sunna hai. Chlo mana ki aap apne lover ko normally gift nhi de paate ye ek mauka hai gift dene kaa. Thik hai but itne costly kyun dena thoda future ke liye save kr lo. Thats my opinion about it.

@manjari.ladybatman I don’t think there is need for a specific day to express love. However, we do not tell people everyday that we love them. So, one day a year is not a bad idea though..but then it can be any other day!

@pratitimajumdar Love doesn’t need a special day to be celebrated. For me, me and my husband have our share of fights and misunderstandings but at the end of the day, we love each other madly. We celebrate our Valentine’s Day whenever we feel like.

@preetam_kalita people in true love will do everything with their capabilities for their happiness.. love doesn’t need fancy things.. love needs trust, understanding, respect and caring .. and of course he or she will do anything to make their love happy to keep a smile on their face

@sirf.shaaz  no I dnt think it needs any special day to express love didi. But definitely we should celebrate this day of love as it gives all the lovers the needed motivation to express their loved to their loved ones and they get hope that their proposal will get accepted. We should do something different for our loved ones no matter you need to have bf/gf, we can express our love in a different way for ur closed ones as well just to make this day special for them. Let’s celebrate and let’s do something different for love and all of us.

@esh_insta I’m a bit against these kinds of so-called this and that days, as I feel we simply cannot expect expression of our feelings to come out full and deep, one particular day(s). In fact, rather than celebrating one single day, what we can do is, celebrate the little things of every day. But then again, in cases when you feel you need the right kind of day to rekindle stuffs, then why not! After all, you just need a chance, one another go to change everything. Otherwise, I feel all the year round love is of way more worth than this one-day-showoff love.

@arun_c.l.i.c.k.s To show love no special day is required as love is not under the sickle of time.

@ankitsappal Time and Date is just a frame of reference ..Lovers celebrate every day the same.

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