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The Road Less Travelled, A Poetic Journey Into The World Of “Choices” With Iti Ipsita

The Road Less Travelled, A Poetic Journey Into The World Of Choices With Iti Ipsita
Credit : Nitin Singh

“Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you.” John Maxwell.

This quote sums up the world we live in. Life is in the choices we make. The outcomes affect us directly in many ways.

So therein lies the burning question: –

What is life to you?

How do you define it?

Is life what happens to you,or something that you choose to happen?

There are some who say that everything in life happens for a reason. There are some who say that life is the direct result of the choices we make, repercussions and all. The choices we make have two sides, if all goes well, it is sheer happiness. But if all doesn’t go well, a source of sorrow too. The key lies in the having the power to be ready to change course in tandem with the situation in hand, whether favourable or not.

Would you do that? Or give up and walk away, or stand your ground?

Live with the regret, or bask in the satisfaction of listening to your gut feel and intuition and doing it anyway, regardless of the outcome!!

There are no easy answers to this, for life is tricky!

Time flies fast, and only one life we have.

Here on The Uncommon Box, we have an Uncommon poetess ItiIpsita with definite views on life and the choices it presents.

She has had some thoughts over “Choices” in her life, and you know what she chose to do?

She chose to write a poem on it!

And that’s the best thing for us, and you all, because it 100% relatable and “Oh! Just so beautiful!”

Don’t believe me? Read on, and see it for yourself!!



What makes us push the limits,
To arrive at destinations unknown,
And still pat our backs and smile,
To know then, what we own!
The plans we make, the roads we take
Show the shape of our thought, if narrow or wide;
As we reach a peak, or cross a sea
And yet wait for the arrival of the next ride.
There is no point in blaming yourself,
If you have not yet been through a perfect failure;
Oh human, you are made to make mistakes,
That’s how life makes you learn yourself, for sure!
Why want a peaceful ending or risk-less story?
When you can write volumes of your adventures.
Why not look beyond the dark edges?
And fill the book of your life with weird pictures!
Why work with the machines, and sleep in commotion,
When you know how beautiful your bond with the nature is.
Why rot yourself under the peer pressure of your side-walls,
When you are meant to fly with the birds and the bees.
Why drown yourself into the sea of stereotypes,
When you know your pen can make wonders!
Why be a slave to what they decide?
Why not take charge of your choices and blunders!
Hurt nobody, desire no harm,
And let your volition roam free.
You are made to see all dimensions, all axes
You can fall in love or flee.
Cry out loud, or help yourself,
Help that poor man on the street.
Work for the children, or kick a ball,
Cause you’ve just got one life, give it a lift!
Raise your head and look above your usual channels,
There is more to explore, more to drive.
Let’s make choices and fail and fall,
Yet come up with new versions of our life.
Cut you hair short or paint it red,
Sing wildly or dance till death,
Marry in the middle of the sea if you like,
Bank on your choices, just keep faith.


About the poetess !

The Road Less Travelled, A Poetic Journey Into The World Of Choices With Iti Ipsita
Iti Ipsita

Iti Ipsita, hails from the small city of Odisha, Bhadrak. She’s an Engineering graduate and trained in Hindustani Classical Music, who also loves to paint, dance and click pictures.

She says “Writing is like breathing”. Thoughts motivate her to pen them as they come.

She believes that“You don’t choose your passion; your passion chooses you. And I was, just chosen to write.”

Her parents and friends always kept motivating her to pen any and every thought of hers and since then writing became her passion.

So we asked what inspires her, and her answer is:-

Thoughts, people and mainly criticism.

Hmm… that is food for thought!

She says she has been appreciated as well as criticised a lot of times for her writings, but everything sums up to be an inspiration for her.It motivates her to make every work good enough to touch every chord of the heart of readers so that they can relate to it.

“I aim to make my readers realise that my poems are not just ‘my words’, they are what they find within themselves. And this aim, keeps me motivated.” Ipsita adds!

I know! I know!

You are also wondering what made her write this poem, just like we did?


Well good for you we have it from the poet herself –

“I met a person at my office who was confused about two projects he was offered. He had friends in one project team, and the other project team paid him well. He was confused about which one to take up. And we had a discussion. And I realised, most of our decisions are not logical, but emotional.”

“We do not make decisions, we make choices, that, at some point of time, satisfy us emotionally.”

“And there is no such thing called as making the right choice, it is just about taking up one from the lot and making it look right. That is what choices are all about.”

“There are times when we restrict ourselves from taking the next step, even though we know what we are meant for and this is what I have tried to justify through my poem. I have tried to let people know that no matter what choices you make, do not judge yourself – just be the best at it.”

And we couldn’t agree more with that, Iti Ipsita!

Thanks for sharing such insights of your thoughts on “Choices” so beautifully framed in words! If you too have fallen in love with her words check out her social media links to follow and read more of her wonderful thoughts!!

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A good day to all from Team TUB!

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