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Broken Hearts Can Heal Too – The Unsaid Story

Broken Hearts Can Heal Too - The Unsaid Story
Credit : Tasneem Bharmal

Most of us in life have a special friend…

Someone whom we call best friend forever.

We may not realize but some of them are also Soulmates…

These are the relationship that one treasures and at times not considered as conventional in society… Such relationships don’t have a name that can be fitted into any preconceived slot, because the bonding goes much deeper than any definition.

Here’s a special unsaid story from Shubhangi about two friends who could turn into perfect lovers. But some relations, some things and some people – can never be forever!


There are times when we look at someone for a minute and end up drooling about them into our own little world. We don’t realize we’ve been staring at a mere mortal, and our mind has already flashed through millions of memories.

The drums they swing low, and the trumpets they go.

They started with likes and comments.

Selfies was their common interest which eventually became their motivating factor.

She was his copycat and he was her cheater.

She was his nautanki and he was her actor.

She was his choti bachi and he was her devil.

The idea was to keep loving for months, years and centuries.

But does this happen in reality??!!

Time flew and it was only a matter of months before she started feeling for him. They got along like a house on fire. She didn’t know if she was on the right path, she just knew she couldn’t  let him go.

She felt like he was the nicest guy she had ever come across. But she wasn’t sure if she should go ahead. She wasn’t sure at the time if she wanted anything more than friendship. Yet, having seen the mutual desire in him lifted up her spirits. This dilemma killed her from inside because of the fear of the so-called-society. But having him by her side always motivating and encouraging her, was all that she needed to make her realize that she was falling for the right person. Having heard those three magical words from him further built in the confidence in her and made her realize that her love was more stronger than “Log kya kahenge?”.

‘Cute and sweet’ was how they could have defined their relationship. His frankness, her sweet nature, his wittiness, her silence, his decency and playful attitude was what let them sail through. He was a charmer. He knew exactly what to say and when to say it. He knew how to enjoy himself and made sure everyone was having the best time too! Shy and timid as she was, she didn’t know how to react to all this. He helped her open up to him. She was going with the flow.

There were times when she found him intentionally being so irritating, annoying and stubborn. Yet at the end he’d apologize and she’d realize that he did all this just to make her feel free, comfortable and let her open up to speak her mind to him.

His support, his advice, his suggestions helped her stay committed to her work. He was just the perfect one for her, or so she thought. She had determined herself to never let him go!

She loved him for what he was! He knew what kind of a guy she had wanted. He was just the opposite of the man she had dreamt of, but to her surprise, there were never any regrets about the choice she made. She was always proud of him. “He is mine”, she would often say. She knew she loved him enough to let her dream boy go but not him.

She’d always wanted to be his best friend. And indeed, they were besties more than lovers. They never criticized each other. They were a support system. They just wished the best for each other.

Naughty, frank, playful, happy, smiling, giggling, laughing was what defined them. But yes, fighting was their favorite hobby. Their days didn’t pass without arguing and fighting. They would fight like cats and dogs while their ego clashed often. Yet those fights would never break apart but make their love even stronger!

After all, at the end of the day, the love that came about was eternal.

There were also days when they didn’t get to talk to each other; except for greetings for the day. She was busy with her family and he was engrossed with his training. Those were the most frustrating days for her. Yet she knew it wasn’t him but his work and the poor network that was keeping them miles away. Somewhere in her heart, she’d feel happy and content to see him so dedicated to his work. So all she could do was to stay calm and patiently wait for the weekends.

Happy as she was, people around her secretly knew she was in love. They could see it in her eyes, reflected through her words and actions. Moreover, her constant sticking to the mobile phone was a physical proof in itself. Failing to convince her friends and cousins, they would end up teasing her by his name. All she could do was to blush like a little teenage girl basking in the glory of her first love.

Everything was happy and wonderful. She knew she’d not changed, yet was sure she was not the same. From dawn to dusk, he was the only constant that stayed up on her mind. She loved him like she had never loved anyone before. But something awry was cooking up side by side. Though she knew perfectly well that he loved her, there wasn’t a single spark of doubt, yet there was something changing in their relationship. She could never reveal. They could never come out of the blues. They sank each day deep inside themselves.

She knew he was changing. But she didn’t blame him for what was happening. Only months into a relationship she’d thought would last forever, things began to fall apart. She thought maybe everyone has their own way of loving, yet she failed to convince her own inner self and they were left just like the loose ends.

They knew this had to end. They loved each other very much. In fact, they both thought that the other was the love of their life. She saw his struggle to keep the relationship going, but neither of them could help the situation. She stopped saying anything for a while. She began to suppress her feelings. Days became silent and her life hollow. She could do nothing but ponder over her own decisions of life. She had come a long way of what she’d never expected of herself.  All she had wanted was to receive the love she gave. It was unfortunate and perhaps the hardest decision she was going to make. But it was time to say goodbye.

Today it’s been a long time that they have parted ways. Her life is happy and content with her work, family and friends. But there has not been a single day that she didn’t think about him. There have been times when she missed him like hell. She thinks of him often. She wonders if he misses her too, a love like that is hard to find. They were good together. Yet her heart says it doesn’t want him back. She cannot let herself suffer yet another time in line. So she decided to take a deep breath and just let it go.

Though she has cried for him, but she has never cursed herself for her choice. She knows she cannot love anyone like she loved him. Yet she doesn’t want him back. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be. Maybe they had grown up learning different definitions of love. Maybe they had different perspectives of a happy relationship. Maybe God sent him just to let her experience a glimpse of love. Maybe they were destined to live as strangers all over again.

Maybe she still loves him. If a day comes when they do cross paths again and he’s changed for the better, maybe she would love to start on a clean slate. She knows what they had was special and it’s not worth throwing away. She has never forced him though, she’ll never do so, but maybe she’ll wait till he comes around. Once he does, maybe she’ll welcome him back with open arms. She’s a confused soul. But until then, all she can care about is herself. She is determined to not look back and live with the memories…the memories of Bhiva!

Lovers can be best friends and best friends can be lovers, but bridging the gap between the two can be a difficult thing to do. There’s a time when you eventually realize that the love you have for them is also tearing you apart. Unless you give it a chance to grow into something beautiful, it will never happen.

There may be a day you will end up together but the time has not come yet! Eventually we all have to take the hard decisions and accept harsh truth’s in order to move forward in life!


About Shubhangi :

Broken Hearts Can Heal Too - The Unsaid Story
Shubhangi Bhatia

A literature graduate, currently pursuing masters in Mass Communication, she adores the quirky play of words and wishes to explore new horizons with them. She also loves good food and open minds. Forever old-school kind of girl, she likes to express her thoughts on her blog, yearning to travel to see the world and change it, maybe!

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