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This is a good way to start what I hope will be a long and meaningful conversation with you. So, here I am, with a cup of my favourite beverage in my hand, typing my thoughts into words on the keyboard.

But come to think of it, it is not that we haven’t already met or aren’t already talking! I mean, from the time you started stopping by this website, joined our community, and posted uploads, liked, shared, argued over issues there, we have been ‘talking’ – and I intend to keep this on for a long while.

” The About Us on the website or on Facebook, will tell you who I am, what my team does, what we aspire to do or are doing. But beyond all that, there are things I wish to say and you need to know.Let us talk about what really matters”

Do you remember the last time you did something for the sake of it ? Not out of a sense of duty, obligation, guilt pangs, competitiveness- but for the sheer joy it gave you! Remember how that made you feel? Nine out of ten times, you felt the happiness that you savoured in your growing years in kicking the ball around with friends on the playing ground, or singing antakshari on your terrace,or just doodling funny caricatures of that boring teacher in a boring class.

The simple undiluted joy of being you!

Yeah, take a moment here and actually relive that feeling…

Feel good? Yeah… feels good alright, because essentially that is what we seek to experience in everything we do in our other spheres of life.

But unfortunately, most of our activities demand more from us leaving us exhausted and empty. Our feel-good actions leave us fulfilled and happy. So what is your feel-good thing to do? Do you draw, paint, dance, sing, collect coins, watch movies – go ahead and do more of what you love- as the saying goes.

Stop feeling guilty, inadequate or plain simple lazy in picking up from, where you left way back in your no-tensionwala days.

You, sitting right across this screen, separated from me in miles and years, are more connected to these words I am saying than you will want to admit.

How do I know?

Simply, because I am like you. I have my share of duties, obligations and blah blah which are also a part of me. But like me, you have a part that needs nurturing and a little more attention- your soul.

Feed your soul with what makes you happy. It will sustain you for a lifetime. I can bet on that 🙂

And yes, what is crucial here is Time. There is a time for everything, everyone- but you need time for you. You matter don’t you?

Hold on, keep the faith, as Bon Jovi sang. Believe in the power of your dreams and in your ability to fulfil them. It’s worth a shot. Think of this- after all no one can be you. You are that unique combination of a single sperm and an egg- which made it against all odds. There can never be anyone like you- yeah, you got it.

“You are Uncommon”

and yes, let’s keep talking buddy!


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Team TUB

Team TUB

The Uncommon Box (TUB), is a pannier with uncommon treasures from our very own common surroundings. Everything in this world is unique in its own way; it's just the matter of realizing and appreciating it. We are here with our thoughts which have been gathered from the common lives we are living. We believe in the special or uncommon that remains undiscovered or unnoticed in our routine hectic life. The aim of this community is to ‘be uncommon and do uncommon!’


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