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It’s Time To Speak Up – An Uncommon Campaign With TUB and Safecity

It’s time to speak up - An Uncommon Campaign With TUB and Safecity

Harassment is an offense – from an unfriendly verbal comment or a behavioral gesture to the extreme extent of touching the person without their consent- they all constitute forms of harassment.

The post-traumatic stress or fear of the social stigma attached to such situations makes it even more difficult – especially for women to come out and express her plight. Most often the women tend to bear with the harassment in silence rather than confiding in someone until it reaches a stage where it becomes difficult to keep quiet.

The Uncommon box in collaboration with SafeCity has provided a platform to the people to raise their voices, speak out and share their experiences, suggestions, and views in form of words, pictures, poetry, painting against sexual harassment.

This special initiative to engage the community and shed a spotlight on domestic and sexual violence has been incredibly well received.

It’s time to speak up - An Uncommon Campaign With TUB and Safecity
Safecity Campaign

Our Uncommon blogger Devika Hegde believes in this philosophy

“The more you spread smiles, the more you will get back”,

She shared her thoughts on the theme of sexual violence as a part of the campaign we launched.

This Pharmacy student trying to balance between chemicals, college and writing has paid her tribute to the Delhi gang-rape victim in form of this heartbreaking poem which is written as the girl’s own life story.

A soulful poem of her dreams turning into a nightmare and the questions left unanswered:



My soft genital is still paining…

Why did you do that to me?…

I had so many dreams like you,

Why did you push me in dark?…

I wanted to live long like you,

Why did you take my life away?…

I wanted to be a Precious little Princess 

to my Dad ever…

I’m left alone in the deepest darkness now…

I can’t see him crying every night, 

all the time…

The people said, ‘I ll be born again’…

Should I be born again?…

If so, Will you leave me to live again,


Still will you look for my flesh again?…

My soft genital is still paining…

Why did you do that to me?…

The rust from the iron rod 

still stays within me and

it gives me the pain all the time…

Why did you take my life away?…

I’m left alone in the deepest darkness…

An infinite darkness…


I want to hold your little finger and 

walk in the seashore once again …

“I want to sleep on your lap once again Maa”…

Should I be born again?…

-Nirbhaya’s Soul


The Uncommon box applauds Devika’s write-up on Nirbhaya and instills the confidence in all those women do not suffer in silence, come out and speak up.

It also sends out a strong message to others who are a silent audience to such atrocities. They should step forward, empathize and support every such victim they know and help them getting justice. We wish she gets many more chances to display her art and keep up the good work with new hopes every day!

Sexual violence is the widespread problem. Our aim is to highlight the occurrence of these events, as well as increase awareness about these issues and raise the self-esteem of women in the society. The Uncommon Box is grateful to be associated with Safe City for this unique campaign #TUBWITHSAFECITY to raise our voices against this silent epidemic that thrive in environments of secrecy and shame. 

It’s time to speak up and stop being a victim of crimes like sexual assault, rape, and sexual abuse against anyone, anytime and anywhere.

Let your friends know that abuse of any kind is no laughing matter.


About Devika :

It’s time to speak up - An Uncommon Campaign With TUB and Safecity
Devika Hegde

This typical Indian girl from Silicon city Bangalore is a hardcore Bollywood fan. An ambivert and a daydreamer, she is usually found sitting in silence counting stars or weaving stories out of clouds listening to Coke Studio.

She says “If you find me missing, then I’d be probably be snuggling in my bed with my coffee and books”

In writing, I find my peace.

In writing, I find my solace

Writing is my warm sunshine on cold winter mornings.

You can follow her on

Facebook | InstagramBlog site

If you have a friend, family member, co-worker or neighbor who is experiencing domestic or sexual violence, talk about it or write in to us at [email protected] or use the Submit Your Story on our portal

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