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Celebrating Uncommon Bonds of Friendship

Celebrating Uncommon Bonds of Friendship
Happy Friendship Day

Friends are a family you choose for yourself. Friends make everything better, brighter and worth it.

The best part about friendships is that it is beyond barriers of time, distance, religion, nationality, age, and of course, gender.

This Friendship Day, The Uncommon Box commemorates this friendship with a special post created from the uploads of our members and followers. Social media will be stuffed with various kinds of messages and dedications to friends from friends- but here is a special commemorative website upload that will remain a memory for all those who chose to celebrate their friendship in an Uncommon way this year!

Thank you, dear participants, for your enthusiasm and here is Team TUB wishing you a very Happy Friendship Day as well.


#The first upload here is of our talented member Ritesh Ghosh– who shares his life and love with us.

Celebrating Uncommon Bonds of Friendship
Credits: Ritesh Ghosh
Ritesh penned these lines explaining his collage:
It is commonly believed that the creative minds are generally introverts and rightly so. I do not have many friends even though I am quite a sociable human.

On this Friendship Day I bring to you the 4 must haves in my life.

1. Photography – Post quitting my corporate attire, this was the only source of my sustenance. It is like oxygen for me.

2. Ma – The only human to get featured in the collage, she is the reason why I am writing this stuff. She is my pillar, strength and biggest critic.

3. Music – Shakespeare had rightly said-
“If music be the food for life….play on….” It is my support whenever I am low.

4. My Car – Perhaps the only asset which I can call my own. The only place on earth which lets me be in total control – no questions asked.


#Next up- is this special message from the beautiful Kanupriya Soni:

Celebrating Uncommon Bonds of Friendship
Credits: Kanupriya Soni
Kanupriya’s message is full of love and affection:

Happy friendship day to all my friends in the world…

There are so many friends around me but some are life.

From clockwise:

Maa : My first friend from the day I birth. She is my Maa, my guide, my teacher, my love, she is my life. She gave me many reasons to live and I’ll never let her down. #veenukikanu

(Anu)Bhua: She is my 2nd mom. She is the reason of my happiness, I want to be like her, she is my support system, she is partner in crime, and she is my forever-life friend. Without her I am incomplete (K+Anu= kanu) without saying her name my name is incomplete. #anukikanu

Food: My happiness, my strength as well as weakness. My ‘bestest’ friend is food. I’m always missing food!  My friend food is my true love.

And now my favourite i.e.

Drawing: Drawing is my passion. Drawing is my medicine for everything. Drawing is my friend because I think it knows how to celebrate, I mean whether I am happy or sad DRAWING is always there for me to cheer me up. I am lucky that I draw.

They are the meaning of friendship in my life.

They gave me birth, taught me how to live happy, taught me how to enjoy my every day, supported me in my worst time, but in the end they are with me. Without any one of them my life will be incomplete.

So thank you friends from my heart. You are like pizza with extra cheese and extra mushroom toppings! God knows I will not be able to handle my life so they send/made you, some of them were already there and some came after me but thing is we need to find each other AND our mission is accomplished, yeah!!!

I love you moon and back, and yes you love me too.

Each day with you all is a day worth celebrating but still HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY


#Medical student Ariyana Sharma posted this lovely message for her special friends and explained how important they are in her life.

Celebrating Uncommon Bonds of Friendship
Credits: Ariyana Sharma
There are friends, there is family and then there are friends that become family.

A true friend sees the pain in your eyes while everyone else believes that smile on your face. Your friends may not always be there with you but they are always there for you. These friends of mine are people who make my life better just by being in it.

I have learned a lot in life. I have learned that things don’t work out the way you planned, or the way you think they should. And I have learned that there are things that go wrong, that don’t always get fixed or get put back together the way they were before and I have learned that you can get through bad times and keep looking for better ones, as long as you have people who love you.

Someone has said well that friendship isn’t about who you have known the longest. It’s about who walked into your life, said “I am here for you” and proved it.

True friends are never apart


#The ever bubbly Tasneem Bharmal says it direct Dil se for her best friends forever and sends out a special message to the world.

Celebrating Uncommon Bonds of Friendship
Credits: Tasneem Bharmal
What does friendship mean to you?

The perception of friendship is different for different people.

For some, it is about human connection. For me, it is about soul connection. I consider everything that makes me happy as my friend.


What better way to define my friendship with these four most important assets of my life which I will keep forever!!

Photography – The camera is a photographer’s best companion and for me it’s no different. I love to capture memories and there’s nothing better than a camera to do that. Also being an introvert (many people will not agree with this) my pictures speak more than what I could convey in words.

(Second picture is a screenshot of my blog –

Writing – Since the time I have been in my senses, I have loved to write. Be it making a greeting card for friends in college, writing love poems, or penning letters to my besties…I love to convey through my words. I am so glad for everyone who has motivated me to now take it professionally as well. I love every bit of it.

Cooking – my third companion has always made me feel good. But I never thought I could get a chance to display my culinary skills before hundreds of people in a five-star restaurant. Getting appreciated for my efforts has given me more confidence to keep experimenting with different recipes and treating my family every now and then. I would definitely not give up on this ever.

Last but not the least – Travel. Over years I have realized how travel changes you as a person. Although I am not an ardent traveler, I love to step out of my house and explore new places. Travel not only lets me dig into my favourite hobby that is – clicking, but it also helps me in learning and discovering new things in life which cannot be expressed in words. My next mission is to travel solo to my favourite destination and maintain a travel diary 🙂

These four things are going to remain my friends forever. Even if I leave them I know they won’t leave me 🙂

Happy Friendship day to all!


#Arwa Rangwala has written her heart out in words and images- this is what she has to say:

Celebrating Uncommon Bonds of Friendship

Friendship is one of the most precious gifts of life.

A person who has true friends in life is lucky. Friendship makes life thrilling. It makes life a sweet and pleasant experience. Friendship is indeed, an asset in life. It can lead us to success or to doom. It all depends on how we choose our friends.

True friendship is a feeling of love, sharing and caring. It is a feeling that someone understands and appreciates you as you are, without any exaggeration, flattery, and pretensions.It gives a feeling that you are ‘wanted’ and that you are ‘someone’ and not a faceless being in the crowd. A true friend stands by you through thick and thin. True friendship knows no boundaries or demarcations of caste, creed, race, and sex.

Friendship is both good and necessary. Man cannot live all alone. He is a social being. He needs someone to share his joys and sorrows. Generally, it is only the people of the same age, character, and background, mentality, etc., who can understand him and understand his problems. Friends are needed for support and for sharing. Friendship is an elixir which is essential for a happy life.


#One of the Uncommon uploads on Instagram came from the handle @tasveer_wali aka Dimple Rathod. The bond of friendship is so vividly etched in her words and collage.

Celebrating Uncommon Bonds of Friendship
Credits: @tasveer__wali
My collage describes my world.

Vaise mein apni favourite hoon…


FRIEND:-।।AisaEkDost।।A Friend the best person in the entire world… She is not only a friend ….but she is the only one I need in the End… I wish the LOVE between us grows stronger and stronger….be with me now and Forever….👭 The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it through @priyanka____borana.

Sab ka ek aisa dost hota hai jo bhale hi humse dur hota hai par dil ke hamesha pass hota hai. (Sometimes lines in Hindi touches the heart way more than others)

Ek Jism Do Jaan

BRO:- Bhai Behan ki yaari sab se pyari. I feel like I’m really blessed and lucky that I have a brother like him.

Sometimes brother is even better than being a superhero. @bhati_ravi

MY LOVE:- Teddy bears don’t need Heart as they are already stuffed with love. This is my most my handsome my Love. Truth is, I can’t sleep without my Teddy.

MY LIFELINE MOBILE: – Last but not least it’s mine life I love to click because I’ma mobile photographer. @TASVEER__WALI

It’s not about taking pictures – it’s about capturing SOULS.

The World is full of smiles, whenever I’m with you.


#Deepthi Korovadi sure knows how to celebrate her friends – she sends out this message for them on this special day!

Celebrating Uncommon Bonds of Friendship
Credits: Deepthi Korovadi

#Mom : The first picture is of my mom, the best friend in my life with whom who I share most of the things and the one who knows me best. No one else in this world knows me better than she does 😇She’ll be forever my Bestie till death. This is a picture of me and my mom when I was kid. ️ @chitravasanthkumar

#Camera : The second friend in my life is my camera, which I dearly love and which has been the best companion in every stage and when I was lonely I would just head out with my camera and click

#Myself :  A self-portrait of myself because I know myself the best. And I have made myself the best friend of my life because no matter who gives me any kind of motivation, I can’t be motivated unless I stand in front of a mirror and Say to myself that ” yes, Deepthi you can do this! ” @canonnalli

#Freidns group : Last but not the least! A groupfie with my few closest friends in life. These people are important because they have been with me no matter what. They are my second family


# Archita Purohit or @image_in_ink weaves her emotions into words as she expresses her affection for the ones who are most special in her life- her friends.

Celebrating Uncommon Bonds of Friendship
Credits: Archita Purohit
To the people in the frame, here’s promising you no matter what we go through we will grow through. Thank you for being my shadow, my strength, my muse and my distraction.

From being annoyed to being there, from freaking to forgiving we have seen it all.

We decided to love each other any which way.

Here’s to all of that and more💓

Mom, Happy Friendship Day. Thank you for being an energy, for being a positive vibe. Thank you for loving me despite everything that you go through. Thank you for seeing in me what even I don’t. I love you. I’m blessed to have a mother like you and much more blessed to have a friend in you. To the person I complain about stomach pain and broken heart. To the one who gives me extra butter and diet charts. To the person who is strict and candid. You are the best.

Hey Sister, No matter if the sky falls down, if the world goes against me or even if you upload my ugly pictures I adore you. You are my sunshine and smile. You are the one thing that I need after all my problems cause stress buster,ya’I. Marshmallow, I Love you 💓 

Hey, Vampyy😍 Girl, you are goals. I love you. We hit rock bottom, we fight, we don’t talk but mind a word against each other, we are against the world. You are my ultimate soulie. To all the wonderful and beautiful times together and here’s letting you know that I love you no matter what, I will never let you go.

To all the times when I did not know where to go, whom to ask and what to find. Thank you for opening your pages and letting me in, and never letting me go. Thank you for happening to my life.

To everyone Happy Friendship Day, world😘 No matter what, where and how we are, We are one big Fam . Spread Love. .


# SakshiDamani or @scribblear has composed some lovely lines expressing what her friends mean to her- what is the real essence of friendship…

Celebrating Uncommon Bonds of Friendship
Credits: Sakshi Damani

Ek dost vo hai jo musibat mei kaam aye,

Or ek vo jo khud musibat ban jaye.

Ek dost vo jo ghar ki yaad dilaye,

Or ek vo jo khud ghar ban jaye.

Ek dost vo jiska naam hi kafi ho,

Or ek vo jiske naam kafi ho.

Ek dost vo jo Papa ki daat se bachaye,

Or ek jo khud Papa ban jaye.

Ek dost vo jiske sath hum muskuraye,

Or ek vo jo muskurahat ban jaye.

Ek dost vo jisse ladte rahe,

Or ek vo jis ke liye lada jaye.

Ek dost vo jo kahaniya sunaye,

Or ekvo jo kahani ban ke re hjaye.

Ek dost vo jise sab pata ho,

Or ek vo jise apna pata bi na pata ho.

Ek dost vo jo sapne dikhaye,

Or ek vo jo khud sapno mei aye.

Ek dost jise hm apne sath ghar le jaye,

Or ek jo khud ghar chala aye.

Ek dost vo jo hmari mummy ka ladla ho,

Or ek vo jo unhe aankho dekha bi na suhaye.

Ek dost vo jo raat ko jagaye,

Or ek vo jo raato ki ninde hmare liye gawaye.

Ek dost vo jo laakho Mei ek ho,

Or ek vo jo croro mei bi na mil paye.


P.S A special dedication to each one of you, yes you are one in a million.


# @s_haru283 or Saranya Srinivasan lists her 4 most significant must-have friends in her life with this special post.

Celebrating Uncommon Bonds of Friendship
Credits: Saranya Srinivasan
On account of Friendship Day.. I’m sharing this-  I have many attachments in life… I could attach only four pics in this. And these four pics consist of my flowing bond right now.


(jumping) we have bonded as best friends to inseparable lives. Through the timeline it’s been 6+ years as friends and we still have the strong eloquence.

My pet: He is Donglee, the pug boy. He is such a bundle of joy. He makes my hard days better, comforts me, cheers me up. He is my unconditional lover boy.

The pose strikers: she is my ‘unbiological’ sister, we had our ups n downs but we came through all that and we still are the best of best friends. It’s not necessary for me to talk to her daily. Even after months we be the same crazy us! She is my BFF! @as_huuuu my mad girl!

There are few other good souls who are my super buddies. They’re all important part of my life. On this occasion I would like to thank them all for being a wonderful part of my journey.


#For Preeti Roychoudhury Friendship is all about sincere affection and deep love- of a bond that the world can hardly hope to understand but that which makes her life worth living. She has this to say about her constants in her life:

Celebrating Uncommon Bonds of Friendship
Credits: Preeti Roychoudhury

For this Friendship Day, this is my collage of the four constants in my life.

Clockwise –

Brother – Baby brother, partner in crime, official travel partner

Photography – my oxygen, my BFF, the one who quietly reminds me of all that can be done with sincere passion. I love it deeply.

My Didi – guardian angel, the one who fights me for my own good,

Howrah Bridge – my favourite place. Everyone who knows me, knows how much this bridge means to me.


Be it a favourite human, object, place, or passion, friends come in various types and varieties but it is undeniable that our world without our friends would be colourless and lifeless.

On behalf of Team TUB, we wish each one of you true friends and true friendships forever!

Happy Friendship Day!


Banner Credits :

Vika Fedaravaviolainebty | Oishiki MondalCassandra Weber

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