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What A Mother Would Want To Say To Her Unborn Child

What A Mother Would Want To Say To Her Unborn Child
Jyotika & Rishabh

The unborn child in the womb of the mother, growing every day, drawing its nourishment from the body and heart which nurtures it- is the repository of all the hopes and dreams of the mother.

The mother silently weaves her dreams around the baby who is yet to see the light of day.

So what do you think a mother would want to say to her unborn child?

How would that unborn child respond?

Uncommon writer Jyotika Pruthi teams up with her husband Rishabh to present an Uncommon poetry performance.

What A Mother Would Want To Say To Her Unborn Child
Jyotika & Rishabh
Though they have titled the conversational poem as “Mother is like Sachin Tendulkar who wants her child to be Virat Kohli”- The Uncommon Box would like to share it in a larger and more universal context. The expression may be simplistic but the essence of the poem will surely strike a chord somewhere.

Click on the You Tube Link below for the performance, which is followed by the transcript of the poem.


Hi, my yet to be born little baby,
Your mother is a short heighten lady with a small belly,
Thank you for getting curled up and adjusting to that little space in my womb.
I always want to hide you in the innermost layer of tissues inside me safely, the way WhatsApp secures its messages with end-to-end encryption,
I also want to connect my end with your end where each cell of my body showers the rain of love in the purest form and requires no swach bharat abhiyan to clean the feelings and emotions I hold for you.


Naa jazbaat bayan kar paata tha, naa shabdon ko hi seekha tha

Tab jaana tha maine Maa hum dono ke iss rishte ko

Ek nanhi si tum aur tumhari main ek nanhi jaan, jisko whatsapp ka path padha,de diya abhi se tumne itna gyan

Par Baarish ki baat na karna maa, yahan Gurgaon mein jo hum baithe hain

Hum to chhupe hain tere andar, ye shehar chupega paani mein


As I wake you up by moving my hands over my belly,
I tell you to give me a hi-fi for completing 6 months together,


Komal haathon ke chhuan se main phool sareekha khil jaata hun

Tum har din ehsaas dilati ho Maa, dharti par Jannat hone ka


You kick on the right side of my tummy,

kabhi kabhi mann karta hai kuch badi angraiyaan lene ka, kuch nadaniyan karne ka , kuch shaitaniyan dikhane ka

I know that’s your way of telling me that you need an IPod to listen to the rhymes.
I want to keep you away from the rhymes of politics, sexual harassment, rapes or terrors of murders.


Kaise bataun tumhe ki kya main sunna chahta hun, kuch to hai Maa jo sunte hi mann bhar aata apne aap

Mat darna tum mujhko le kar, main khud ko sambhale rakhunga, bas sehma kabhi main to chuppa lena apne hi andar


Since the day is coming to an end….you must be tired….Are you doing fine? Why are you not moving? Why are you not talking to me?

Ruk ja Maa Ruk ja…

Kuch der aaram kar rha tha Maa main apni iss duniya mein,  par shayad meri khamoshi ko tune samjha kuch aur tha

Mat ghabrana tu kabhi, kuch hi samay mein aaunga, bas iss mamta ki chadar se dhakh ke rakhna, mere mann ko



The morning sickness may be difficult for our taste buds to handle
Swiggy has always been there to add swag to the cravings we both have for cakes and ice-creams…

Khud ko bhukha rakh, tumne mujhe diya nivaala hai

Maaf karna mujhe ae maa jo maine kabhi pareshaan kiya

Kya jaanu tum kaise jaano ki doodh mujhe jo pyaara hai, tum peeti ho thoda sa to barkha yahan baras jaati hai



So, now
When we are just 2 months away from completing this roller coaster ride,
You would be stepping out of my womb onto a planet called EARTH which is definitely as round as my belly is,
Please act as a responsible citizen of your country…learn its culture, language and make it as beautiful as you made my womb with your stay.


Ye gol gol dharti kya teri hi khokh ke jaisi hai ?

kya yahan bhi wahi narmi hai, wo jazbaaton ki garmi hai ?

Desh to banta hai sabse par naari kyun hai dabi huyi

Maa tune sabko janam diya par phir sabki zimmedari kidhar gayi ?



I don’t know whether you are a girl or a boy,
The hard kicks and boxing arms help me to feel that someone as tough as his father would be expected to wear blue clothes most of the times,
The calm and fussy moves when I feel emotional, encourage me to surround myself with the shades of pink…
I can’t see you; you can’t see anyone of us
My hi-fi’s and your kicks is the way we converse,
The way you kick me, I want you to kick away the distinguishing parameters between a girl and a boy and those shades of blue and pink.
Kick away the myth that blue is a colour of boy… accept that blue is a colour of sky and sea and symbolizes trust, loyalty , wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth and heaven.
Never laugh at a boy who wears pink because pink is not a patent colour of girls, it’s a colour of universal love of oneself and of others.


Naa jaane mera rang roop, bin puche ki main kaun hun, Panah di tumne mujhko apne andar….

phir kya ye duniya jaanchegi ?  Kyu taulegi mere tann ko ?

Kudrat rupi maa ka indra dhanush to saare rang dikhlata hai

Main bhi chu lunga maa saare rang…..umang bhare ehsaason se


I see you, little baby, coming out from my womb; and I see you cradled in my arms.
I have clicked our selfie and posted it on my Instagram account…
I promise to talk to you in such a way that you will listen, and I promise to listen to you in such a way that you will talk.
I will respect your right to be yourself and I’ll try to help you learn to respect the rights of others.
I will teach you, and I will learn from you.


Jo aankh khuli ab meri to khud ko paaya hai daaman mein

Aur maine tujhe pehchan liya, chehra tera jaan liya

Bharosa hai mujhe teri seekh pe,aur vaadon ki koi zaroorat nhi

Kartavya rahega mera ab unn rahon pe chalne ka.


My child
As the size of your waist would be increasing you would one day be an adolescent,
Don’t worry about the changes in your body that might make you look ugly.
You would one day find the woman of your life who would even appreciate your ugliness like the way I do… and you would call her your wife…

Maa…..Kya wo pyaar karegi tujhsa, kya wo mujhko chahegi

Jo main sochun aur na bolun, kya wo bhi pehchanegi


Wife comes as a second mother,
Who knows all your passwords that you hide from your mother….
And that includes the pattern you keep to unlock your phone.

Waise Ab to hai naya samay aa gya, password ho gaye hain purane

Main bhi ab fingerprint use karta hun maa , sab hai iphone ke deewane



As you would be busy with your new family in locking and unlocking the patterns of life
I and your father would be growing old
Please show patience when we smell bad like an old person
Don’t force us to shower as our bodies are weak now…
In case we lose the power to hear what you say, don’t call us deaf
If possible just spare five minutes out of your day to talk to us
We would be sorry if we both unknowingly make the bed wet…


Aaj bhi yaad hain wo din jab haath pakad ke chalta tha, Har kadam pe girta hua sirf tumse hi sambhalta tha

Na tameez thi mujhko khaane ki, Poore ghar ko ganda karta, par tab bhi tum has ke maa, lagati thi mujhko gale

Anekon raatein tumne guzaari hai, meri neendon ko sulane ke liye

Ab bas ye mauka de do mujhko, thoda wo rinn utarunga,

Han karz hai tera mujhpe bhaari, ye zimmedari muskura ke nibhaunga


 My dear child
We both are not going to last for a long time now…
When the time of our death would come
I hope you would hold our hands and give us the strength to face the death
You should cry the same way when you were born and u cried out of joy…
Take care of your wife and daughter always…
Always remember that every women existing on this belly like planet EARTH is like your mother treat her with respect and greet her with a grace.
On every mother’s day just WhatsApp me…I would give you a hifi from the heaven :
the way I used to give you when you were in my womb.


Aise mat bol Maa !!

Ek maa… apne bachche ko…. iss bheed main akela kaise chod sakti hai !!!

Tu jaa kar bhi naa jayegi…..jude hain tujhse pran humare

Waise to nahi bhulta Maa ko koi…. Par ab yaad dilana padta hai….kuch dinon ke bahane shayda samjhana padta hai

Zaroorat nahi mujhe iss din ki…..sirf tumhe yaad karne ko……tune to bina kuch chahe huye, chaha hai mujhe sabse zyada

Phir kyun na har pal yaad karun…..ek phone karun aur baat karun….Mere wo chand kuch minton se jee leti hai tu janmon tak !!


This conversation between a mother and her unborn child, tracing the changing dynamics of the parent-child equation through the ages, comprises some significant issues of relationships over the entire period of human existence.

The worries, concerns, anxieties of a mother, along with her simple cravings and intimate sharing with her baby is most touching.

The interesting juxtaposition of English and Hindi to distinguish between the two voices is rather interesting.


This has been a unique collaboration between Jyotika and her husband Rishabh.

Rishabh is a techno IITian guy and Jyotika is a professor, whose thoughts about life and traveling converge. Jyotika is a poetess, Columnist, TEDx has also been on her way and Rishabh has been the lyricist of many of the poems and has been the Sr. Assistant General Manager and Sr. Operations Manager in firms like and is currently working as Head of Business Development at

They explained that through this poem they tried to show all mothers that they value and understand the emotions that she goes through during her pregnancy.

The couple confessed that ‘We both believe in working together towards the concept of “engineering the world with our thoughts” as we both come from engineering backgrounds. We see that youth really gets connected with the topics we choose as we always try to add a touch of humour as well a message conveying statements to reach out to the common public around. 


The Uncommon Box commends the husband and wife duo for this noble initiative.

You can follow Jyotika on the following links:

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